Veneered fireplaces

Veneered timber fireplaces are an alternative to a solid wood fireplace. The process of veneering involves applying a precision cut slice of timber onto a core material (usually MDF), the finished material is then worked and lacquered in much the same way as a solid timber fireplace.

Veneering has been around for hundreds of years. Until modern times veneered fireplaces and furniture could only be found in the possession of the wealthy because of the skills and talent needed to produce veneers. With modern day machines this process has now been made much easier and more cost effective.

The dense uniformity, producing precision contoured profiles, and the exceptional dimensional consistency, allowing for tighter tolerances and greater stability, veneered MDF can be especially advantageous for products such as fire surrounds or fireplaces sited around an open fire where there can be enormous fluctuations in temperature.

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