Using Wood As A Fuel


Using Wood as a Fuel Source


Everything you need to know about the green credentials, the preparation, storing and how to buy wood products or logs as a fuel.


  using wood as a fuel sourceIntroducing Wood as a fuel

Outlines the environmental benefits of using wood as a Sustainable Fuel,  identifies the available different wood fuels in the UK before discussing their merits, calorific values and the storage of wood fuels.




how to store logs


How to Prepare and Store logs and How and Why Build a log Store.

How and why to cut, split, and season logs and how to build and site a cheap effective log store.





How to build a solar kiln


How to and why build a log solar kiln including plans

How to fast track drying and seasoning logs with simple, easy build plans for a solar kiln.





The Natural Fuel of Choice for Stoves


The Natural Fuel of Choice for Stoves

DJ Davies Fuels Limited, a third generation family fuel distribution business based in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales, has been the sole and exclusive importer and distributor for RWE - Brennstoff GmbH of lignite coal briketts across the UK for more than ten years.





Volume and Weights when buying dry seasoned and green Logs- Be warned a cubic tonne builder’s bag does not hold a tonne of logs!

Simple table and pictorial diagrams showing comparisons between weight and volume and between wet and dry logs.


logs volume by weight



Table of Weights and Volume  (M.sq., Dump bags, Trailers and Pickups) comparisons when buying logs.





 pictogram weight and volume

Pictogram Weight and Volume (M.sq., Dump bags, Trailers and Pickups)

Comparisons when buying logs, Species of Hard and Soft Woods, Burn Qualities, by Weight, Mass, Heat Values and  Properties as a Fuel.





yew log









Burning log









Stacked Logs



The Pitfalls in Buying Kiln Dried Firewood Abroad




Useful tips and hints on how to set, light and maintain a fire.


Boy starting a fire


How to set a Fire in an Open Fireplace or Stove

Useful hints and tips on how to lay an open or stove fire.





Createing a warming welcoming



How to Achieve a Welcoming, Efficient and Heathy Fire in the Home

Once the fire has been laid and lit how to keep it performing a the maximum efficiency and various ways of regulating the burn rate to suit different weather conditions and heating needs







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The Natural Fuel of Choice for Stoves