Types Of Fireplaces

Types of Fireplaces

 In the main manufacturers tend to categorise fireplaces by their fuel type, gas, electric, solid fuel, biomass or bioethanol but another way to categorise fires is by their design and architectural features based on their decorative or interior design affect. We have long moved on from simply viewing the fireplace as a practical source of heat for cooking and warmth.

A fireplace in essence consists of a firebox, a flue, a hearth, a surround and a mantle. The fire hearth, surround and mantle, the decorative features of the fireplace can be constructed of masonry including limestone, marble, granite etc, wood hard or soft, tiles or cast iron. All will add their own unique sense of style and design regardless of the fuel type of the fire you choose. All will require their own maintenance regime to keep them looking at their best.

You may be looking for a fireplace to restore the historical features to your home or add a flash of the latest contemporary modernist or post-modernist style to your home and living space. You may even be in the market to extending your living space by the addition of a fire to a conservatory or thinking of installing an outdoor fireplace. The possibilities of what can be done by the addition of a well-chosen fire and fireplace are boundless and only governed by the limits of the imagination and will only enhance your life and lifestyle.

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