For many, the word stove conjures up an image of a homely farmhouse or alpine ski lodge but such notions are a world apart from today’s products.

Originally burning wood or coal, stoves are now available for gas, oil, electricity and a wide range of different solid fuels. In fact it’s hard to find a more versatile fireplace product.

Traditional designs are available in abundance but have now been joined by a wealth of modern designs suitable for rooms ranging from the smallest conservatory to the largest baronial hall! Whether your need is for a stove to provide heat and hot water for the entire home or a feature appliance in an individual room, there’s a stove for you.

Many of today’s stoves are equipped with control systems designed to maximise their efficiency and minimise the time you have to give them. There are even models available that can be remotely controlled.

A stove is very much a part of today’s fireplace industry.