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The new generation of solid fuel appliances be they wood or mineral fuelled will offer you the versatility to control and economically heat you home with the additional luxury of a real flame. Whether you choose a traditional open fire, one of the modern multi-fuel or log burners available on the market it is essential you choose the correct fuel to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. You will find local fuel merchant listed in the Services search on this site.

To gain the full benefit from using solid fuel to heat your home you will need to carry out simple regular maintenance tasks from clearing the ashes from the fireplace or stove, know how to lay a fire to gain maximum efficiency and heat output from your fuel and why it is essential to carry out long term maintenance tasks such having the chimney regularly swept. This topic area also contains additional information about complimentary products such as log baskets and stove top fans.

If you decide, as many now do, choose to use wood as a fuel you will need to know how to buy, prepare, store, dry and build a log pile or store.  We do offer a word of warning to all potential wood burners it is both an art and a science and as such possess the inherent danger of becoming a life time obsession but that said it is ultimately satisfying.


Fuel Types

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Hints & Tips

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