PEAT - Bord na Móna

Just as Ireland’s needs and priorities have changed over 75 years, so too have those of our company. The core business has expanded beyond the harvesting of peat.

Sustainable Solutions

As local and global pressure has grown to find more sustainable ways of producing power and conserving resources, we’ve developed many innovative new products and services to meet those demands.

From producing eco-fuels and environmental products, to offering waste collection, resource recovery and renewable energy expertise. In addition, water treatment, district heating and eco-tourism businesses are being developed to meet future needs.

The products and services that make up our business are diverse but all share two key characteristics. First, they draw directly upon the unique set of skills and insights we’ve built up over three-quarters of a century working with nature. Second, they’re specifically designed to serve the present and future needs of our citizens, our economy and our planet.

As a society, we need to forge a new contract with nature which respects both her power and her fragility. As a company, we have committed ourselves to doing just that.

Learn more in our Sustainability Report 2012/2013.

Delivering Change through Innovation

Our new direction will deliver a sustainable business for all our stakeholders.  The pillars of our future, renewable energy, resource recovery, environmental products and consumer products will be underpinned by an innovation agenda.

We have on-going investment in research and development to improve our products, processes, packaging and distribution systems.  We constantly seek ways to leverage the ideas of our supplier and customers to ensure optimum achievement of results.

Find out more about Bord na Móna’s innovation process, submit an idea to our innovation team.

Future Land Use

As guardians of an extensive land holding, approximately 80,000 hectares located mainly in the Irish midlands, our goal is to generate commercial, environmental and social value from this key asset.  This land has been primarily used for peat harvesting for energy and for horticulture growing media.

However we have recently developed a Strategic Framework for the Future Use of Peatlands which will guide the decision making in relation to potential future uses and developments of our cutaway bogs.

Some of the land is already committed to future uses such as forestry, tourism and amenity, industry, infrastructure, aggregate production, water storage and energy.  In addtion some bogs have been conserved for their high biodiversity value.

Biodiversity Action Plan

We recently launched our Biodiversity Action Plan – the conservation of biodiversity and natural heritage is an integral part of good environmental management and is a core practice at Bord na Móna.

We recognise that we have a responsibility in terms of managing our bogs into the future and that potentially large areas of former peat production areas will revert to biodiversity rich systems in the future. Learn more about Bord na Móna’s biodiversity objectives and activities.

Platform for Growth
Bord Na MonaWe have set out a clear road map for growth and although we face many challenges we believe that the competent performance that we have consistently delivered year-on-year provides us with a strong platform from which to we can continue to grow as the global economy regains momentum.


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