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About Us
The National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) formed in 1982 as a professional Trade Association, promoting high standards for the sweeping, inspection and maintenance of chimneys. With over 500 Members, the NACS is recommended by all major fuel organisations, including the Solid Fuel Association, HETAS, and OFTEC.

NACS Members work strictly to the NACS Code of Practice © 1982 and Code of Conduct for the cleaning of chimneys.  On completion of work, NACS Sweeps issue an Industry Standard Certificate of Chimney Sweeping, and recommend when future cleaning is necessary.

NACS Chimney Sweeps undertake an extensive training program and have to successfully complete a full assessment prior to becoming and trading as a NACS Member.  All NACS Members must hold valid insurance for Chimney Sweeping, of which they provide a copy of to the Association on an annual basis.  They must also have the correct equipment to be able to undertake the job which is checked at the time of their assessment.  You can search for a NACS Chimney Sweep in your area by visiting the NACS website
NACS Chimney Sweeps are:
   -All trained and qualified
   -Fully insured
   -Issue an Industry Standard Certificate of Chimney Sweeping for every Chimney cleaned
   -Follow the Industry Standard Code of Practice
   -Some are able to inspect and survey Chimneys using CCTV equipment

For more consumer information and guidance on Chimneys and Stoves, please visit where you can also download a free Heat Your Home Safely Guide.

Chimney Sweeping Training
The NACS has its own National Chimney Training Centre based in Stone in Staffordshire where it trains both experienced Chimney Sweeps and novices with theory and practical experience which will enable them to confidently work as a Chimney Sweep and trade as a NACS Member.  The 4 day course consists of 3 days at the training centre plus a one day assessment on site with an Area Assessment Inspector.  For further details and to book a place please visit the training section at

HETAS Approved Training Centre
The NACS National Chimney Training Centre in Stone in Staffordshire is a HETAS Approved Training Centre, where the following courses are provided:
-    H002 – Solid Fuel Regulations & Standards Course
-    H003 – Dry Appliance Installer Course
-    H003r – Dry Appliance Installer Refresher Course
-    H004 – Wet Installer Course
-    H005DE – Biomass Course
-    H006 – Internal System Chimneys

Chimney Journal Magazine
The NACS produces a Chimney Journal Magazine twice a year in June and December.  Previous copies can be seen on the main website

NACS (National Association of Chimney Sweeps) logoNACS Exhibition
Each year the NACS organises the NACS Exhibition, which is highly recognised and is the largest exhibition in the Chimney Sweeping industry.

Exhibitors range from selling chimney sweeping equipment, flue liners, CCTV surveying equipment, stoves, fireplaces and accessories, pots and cowls, vacuum cleaners, and any other related products or services.

The NACS Exhibition is open to both the trade and the public.  More details can be found on the NACS website