History Of Fire

History of Fire

Throughout history there has been a close connection between human kind and fire. Fire has not only provided heat, warmth and the ability to cook food but has played a major role in the development of civilisation. The early fire myths and legends from across the world often share a common root with fire either being a gift or stolen from the gods. Fire, the hub of family, tribal, or clan life provided a meeting place which spread light, heat and warmth into what otherwise would be darkness becoming the symbolism of religion and superstition.  Our intimate relationship with fire is still found in both high and low culture from the classic poetry and essays of antiquity to the latest pop culture of today.

Each fuel type from early mining, the development of town gas through to modern day protests against atomic power and fracking is deeply engrained into our social. political and economic culture. The use and harnessing of fire stands at the foot of the industrial revolution, urban living and even the earlier agrarian revolutions.  Fire is so deeply engrained in human development it is impossible to separate it from our history and existence. It permeates deeply into the way we live our lives today and in the millennia before. It seeps into every nuance of our lives, our language, our religions, our art and our very souls and consciousness.


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