Theme: Fireplace Maintenance (Hints and Tips)

Fireplace MantenanceKeeping the home fires burning bright is more than just flicking the switch or throwing another log or scuttle of coal in the hearth or in the stove. Fireplaces, stoves, heating appliances and chimneys’ and flues require regular maintenance as do hearths, mantles and the appliance itself.  Regular maintenance guarantees your fire, fireplace, stove, hearth or heating appliance will look at its best, is safe and ready for you enjoy at any time.

Find out here how to best set and light a fire, clean cast iron, stone and wooden fire surrounds with easy routine cleaning guides and trade provided hints and tips. You will also find advice in this section regarding complimentary products such as fuel savers, stove top fans, the benefits of using flue thermometers etc and how to festively dress your fireplace and hearth all helping you to gain the most from your fireplace and appliance. 

Fuel Types

Which Fuels Should I Burn in my Multi-Fuel Stove?

A Word of Warning of the Pitfalls in Buying Kiln Dried Firewood Abroad

A Guide to Using Wood as a Fuel Source

Types of Solid Fuel Suitable for Open Fire Places

Preventing Heat Loss

Firemizer by Microtex Products Ltd

Chimella The Chimney Umbrella

The Chimney Sheep

New Firemizer- Save up to 33% of Fuel Costs!

The fan that will get heat out of the tightest of corners!

New Mini Vent Prevents Unnecessary Heat Loss 

Chimneys and Flues

Katie Sweep-The Importance of Belonging...

The Importance of Having Your Chimney Swept

Regulations and Requirements

A Guide to Regular Maintenance of Stoves and Open Fires

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - The Ultimate Guide


New Mini Vent Prevents Unnecessary Heat Loss

Ventilation: Bulding Regulations

Hints and Tips

How Best Clean and Maintain Polished and Highlighted Cast Iron Fireplaces, Inserts, Grates, and Baskets?

Hints and Tips: Summer Maintenance of Your Fireplace

The Ultimate Guide to Keep a Fire Burning in Your Fireplace or Stove

Ideas on How to Summer Dress Your Fireplace

Bespoke Log Baskets

Using Gas Ceramic effect Fuels and Thermal Discoluration

How Best to Clean Matt Black Cast Iron Fireplaces

How to Store logs and Build a Log Store

How to Build a Solar Kiln for Seasoning and Drying Logs

Using Solid Fuels and Cast Iron Thermal Discoluration

Maintaining your fireplace during Summer

How to Light a Fire in an Open Fireplace or Stove

Showroom Christmas Hearth Dressing

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