Fireplace Installation

Fireplace InstallationThe following section provides a guide to the installation of fires, stoves and other heating appliances. The installation of any fire or fireplace often requires the expert knowledge and skills of a suitably qualified person such an installer, chimney sweep of tradesman and by law needs to meet the required building regulations. If you are in any doubt then please consult a professional many of whom can be found in the local Service or Showroom searches within this site.


Regulations and Requirement

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - The Ultimate Guide

Hetas Clarifies CE Marking Requirements

Chimneys and Flues: A Guide to the Building Regulations

Hearths: A Guide to the Building Regulations

The use of slabbed granite with open fires.

Ventilation: Bulding Regulations

The Best Practice Guide for the Installation of Stone Fireplaces

Chimneys and Flues

Guidance on Chimneys for Wood Burning Appliances.

Quick Guide to Buying a Fire and Chimney and Flue Types

A Guide To Understanding Chimney Height and Draft.

I Don't Know, I'm Fluless. Which Gas Fire, Which Flue?

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Chimneys and Flues: A Guide to the Building Regulations

The Importance of Having Your Chimney Swept

Using a competent installer

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Continuing Expansion for

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How to check your Gas Engineer is Gas Safe Registered.

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Help in choosing a fireplace and fire

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Your Fireplace and Home Interior

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I Don't Know, I'm Fluless. Which Gas Fire, Which Flue?

What Size Fire Do I Need (Calculating BTU)

Save Money on Heating Bills & Add Value to Your Home!

How to Choose the Right Size Fire or Stove and Calculate BTU

How to Choose the Correct Stove Output to Heat Your Room

The use of slabbed granite with open fires.

Fuel Types

A Guide to Using Wood as a Fuel Source

Bio-ethanol changing the fire industry

Which Fuels Should I Burn in my Multi-Fuel Stove?

Gas, the History, Benefits and how to stay Safe?

Types of Solid Fuel Suitable for Open Fire Places


New Mini Vent Prevents Unnecessary Heat Loss

Ventilation: Bulding Regulations

Preventing Heat Loss

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The Chimney Sheep

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Chimney Liners

How to join a chimney liner and when to insulate a chimney