Fireplace Decor

Fireplace Decor

The fireplace is without exception usually the focal point of the room so once you’ve selected the right surround to compliment your furnishings and interior design ideas you may wish to dress the fireplace itself. You may want to bring fresh life to a defunct fireplace or just add festive Christmas or Easter cheer with the addition of some baubles, trinkets or seasonally themed decorations.

You may wish to add to the sense of romanticism linked to a fire and fireplace or add an extra dash of elegance to an already sophisticated room. Real fires and stoves need an array of tongues, pokers, log rollers and containers to hold either solid fuel or logs. These come in many styles and forms which all add to the overall design effect of your fireplace and home. Your fireplace should never look empty, stark or bare no matter what time of year. There are many ideas and ways to incorporate your fireplace into the wider surrounding of the room adding panache and style to how you live your life.


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