Fireplace castings

Iron and non ferrous castings have an association with fireplaces and stoves that goes way back. Remember the cast iron kitchen range, practically a standard feature in the home of yesteryear. And what about the ornate brass fire irons so often found as part of a farmhouse or inglenook fireplace.

Castings are just as popular today as ever and play an equally important role in the 21st century of the fireplace and stove industries as they have done in the years since Abraham Derby perfected the techniques for casting iron.

Cast iron is a versatile and durable material and is equally suited to withstanding the heat generated in a solid fuel coal fire as it is to forming the decorative front to an open gas fire.

It can be painted, polished, highlighted and combined with tiles and other materials to form traditional and contemporary fireplace and stoves designs that will be a perfect compliment to any style of home.

And castings also come in non ferrous metals such as bronze, brass and a variety of alloys.