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A series of articles initiated by as its contribution to National Chimney Safety Week 2013


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what national chimney week



What, National Chimney Week?

An overview of the historical development of the chimney, its impact and importance in the development of the fireplace, and hearth and the role it plays in traditional and modern heating systems. 




flue sizes 2



The Essentials to Understanding Chimney and Flue Sizes

An overview of the differences in flue and chimney cross-section sizes and areas and their intended appliance use.





chimney liner 2



Chimney Height and Draft

Outlines the fundamental science of how the draw within a chimney works and how to calculate how high a chimney or flue needs to be. 




 Cross section of a chimney



Anatomy of a Chimney Stack and Flue

Labelled diagram of the various parts of a chimney and flue.





Windkat Cowl


How Windkat Works

Windkat uses a system of injection nozzles to maintain constant negative pressure in any professionally installed flue to which it is fitted and is one of the most effective anti-downdraught cowl on the market.




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All Your Chimney Questions Answered by the Experts, NACS