Chimneys And Flues

Chimneys & Flues

Your chimney or flue plays a vital role to the performance of your fire or heating appliance and will dictate what sort of fire or heating appliance you can install within your home. A cheap log burner or stove will perform reasonably well with a good chimney or flue but even the best log burner or stove won’t function correctly with a poor chimney. A chimney or flue performs two fundamental functions, the first to carry away waste gases and by products of the combustion process-smoke and secondly feeds air and oxygen to the fire or flame. The draft of the chimney is formed initially through the pressure differential between the bottom and the top of the chimney and then accelerated through rising of hot air through the chimney was the fire or flame is lit. This draws the necessary air into the fire, stove or appliance and carries the waste gases in the form of smoke out into the atmosphere. Find out more about "Chimneys and Flues" in the articles below...



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