Chimney Sweep Diarist

Chimney Sweep Diarist

Some of our past and present Diary entries from our very own exclusive Chimney Sweep Diarist. Find out what its like in the day of a life of a Chimney Sweep. Visit the Katie Sweep website


Preparing-for-a-new-year-of-chimney-sweeping 1

Preparing for a New Year of Chimney Sweeping

2018 hits full swing as Katie Sweeps February 2018 diary issue returns for the new year. Find out what Katie has been up to over the Christmas period and what she has planned for the new year.


How to prevent a chimney fire x75

How to Prevent a Chimney Fire

As the Christmas season hits full swing Katie Sweep works through a backlog of callouts and discuss' the imporatnce of chimney sweeps in preventign chimney fires.


Katie says Farewell to German Chimney Sweep JulianeKatie says goodbye to German chimney sweep Juliane's November 2017 issue of katie sweeps diary saw katie saying farewell to fellow German chimney sweep Juliane and recalls her trip while visiting the UK.


Chimney Sweeping on an interantional level Chimney Sweeping on an International Level

Featured in the October 2017 newsletter. Katie Sweep takes on a new apprentice from Germany, Juliane whos sweeping methods are very different from ours in the UK.


Katie Sweep September Diary

Chimney Sweep Training and Sweep of the Month Update

Septembers 2017's newsletter comes with the latest Katie Sweep diary entry. Katie ventures out of Yorkshire once again to pay a visit to NACS training centre. Find out more...


Chimney Sweeping - Preparing for the Busy Season

Chimney Sweeping - Preparing for the Busy Season

Katie Sweeps August 2017 diary entry. Katie prepares for the busy season ahead by welcoming some new additions to the sweep team. Find out more...


How to Prevent a Hazard in Your Home, Chimney Safety Advice x75

How to Prevent a Hazard in Your Home, Chimney Safety Advice

Katie Sweeps July 2017 fireplace newsletter diary entry. Katie Sweep returns back to work after visiting the Glastonbury festival and talks about the dangerous installations she has seen of late...


Chimney Knowledge and Training x75

Chimney Knowledge and Training

Featured in the June 2017 issue of the newsletter Katie sweep heads to the NACS training centre to complete her CCTV Inspection & Survey Training Course & Flexible Flue Linings Course.


NACS chimney sweep show review 2017 x75

Nacs Chimney Sweep Show Review 2017

Katie Sweep and Tom visit the National Association of Chimney Sweeps’ Exhibition 2017 held in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Find out how they got on...


The Importance of PPI in Chimney Sweeping x75The Importance of PPI in Chimney Sweeping

The Katie Sweep team embark upon their Spring contract as Katie discuss the importance of full Personal Protective Equipment required when working for certain clients. Find out more...


Best Methods of Protecting a Customers House from Soot x75Best Methods of Protecting a Customers House from Soot

Using the power of magnets Katie Sweep finds a fantastic way to protect her customers home from soot and debris caused when sweeping the chimney. Find out more.


 How Chimney Sweeps Identify ProblemsHow Chimney Sweeps Identify Problems x75

February 2017's issue of the Katie Sweep diaries looks at the range of problems that chimney sweeps encounter in their day to day business. Find out more...


Katie Sweep - Happy New Year 2017Katie Sweep- happy new year 2017 1

Katie Sweeps first diary entry of 2017. Katie enjoys time off for her Christmas break and revisits her childhood home to investigate a problematic stove installation. Find out more...


December the Busiest Time of Year for a Chimney Sweep x75

December the Busiest Time of Year for a Chimney Sweep

Christmas time is one of the busiest times of the year for many a chimney sweep. In this article Katie talks about Christmas traditions and the solved mystery of a Marconi chimney pot...


Chimney Sweeps and the Problems they Encounter

Chimney Sweeps and the Problems they Encounter

Seen in the November 2016 newsletter. Its a busy time of year for chimney Sweeps. Katie Sweep discusses the common problems she faces this November...


Us Sweeps will TravelUs Sweeps will travel x75

Katie Sweep leaves the picturesque Yorkshire behind and heads across the pond to Florida USA to see very different Chimneys & Fireplaces. Find out more...


Crazy Crazing Myths and Mystery’s x75

Stove Glass Crazing the Myths and Mystery’s!

Katie sweep tackles the mystery of stove glass crazing in her latest diary entry featured in the September 2016 newsletter. Check it out...


Katie Sweep- Drum Roll Please

Katie Sweep - Drum Roll Please

Katie Sweeps August 2016 newsletter diary entry. In this issue Katie makes a big announcement "Biomass Sweeping" Find out more...


H&h and other things x75

Katie Sweep - H&H & other things.

Featured in the July 2016 issue of the newsletter. Katie Sweep ventures to the Hearth and Home 2016 show. Find out more...


Katie Sweep - OW MUCH!


I find myself all at sixes and sevens as I continually debate (usually with myself) the best thing to do about our future PRICE INCREASE!! Find out more...


Predictably unpredictable

Predictably Unpredictable

Featured in the May 2016 newsletter. Katie travels to Stratford-Upon-Avon to visit the NACS Exhbition and even bumps into a suprise guest.


Its offfical

It’s Spring...its official!

As seen in the April 2016 Fireplace newsletter. Katie talks about the latest member to join the sweep team and "The Jackdoor Invasion!"


Katie Sweep Better Together

Better Together...

Seen in the March 2016 issue of the newsletter. Katie's latest diary entry discusses why Chimney Sweeps and Organisations work better when they stand together...


 A Sweeps Van is a Girls’ Best FriendA sweeps van is a girls best friends

Upon taking delivery of our new fleet I found myself reminiscing of the good old days we had in the old vans…


 Happy New Year 2016Happy New Year 2016

I and all of the Katie Sweep team hope you have had a most wonderful Christmas with family and friends and are all set and are ready for the adventures that 2016 will bring. Happy New Year to all.


 What a Difference a Day Makes!What a Difference a Day Makes

A real eye opener and quite daunting at first glance, but once I had taken a good look around and soon realised it is just like any other flue system only giant!


 Not Enough Hours in the DayNot enough hours in the day very own Katie Sweep is back, this time discussing the pressures keeping up with customer enquires in a Chimney sweeps ...


 Sweeping and Technology. – Techno Sweep!Not enough hours in the day

With having an old vac in need of repair it made me realise how important technology has become within the chimney sweeping profession, and how we have grown to rely on it.


 Summer ShowtimeKatie Sweep Summer Showtime

Over the last few months we have been busy preparing for, and attending a number of our local Country & Agricultural shows as a Chimney Sweep trade stall..


 The Lucky Wedding Sweep TraditionThe Lucky Wedding Sweep

Wedding season is here and we have already attended quite a few weddings so far this year to bestow luck upon happy newlyweds


 The Importance of Belonging The importance of belonging

I have now been a member of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) for just over a year. After being a chimney sweep for nearly 9 years I decided last year to become a member of NACS..


Sweeping Down the Ages: A Brief History of Chimney SweepsSweeping Through the Ages

People still see female chimney sweeps as quite a novel thing and an unusual profession, yet there is known to have been Successful female Master Sweeps from as early as 1740.


 Introducing Captain JackIntroducing Captain Jack

As the yellow daffodils start to appear across the Yorkshire landscape it is a sure sign spring is well on its way and along with it come all the other joys of spring..


The Trials & Tribulations of Throat Plates

Stove Baffle-Throat Plates a Chimney Sweeps View

the more traditional cast iron Throat plates, they are certainly sturdy but have issues with warping and bowing out of shape. This can be quite a problem for us sweeps.


 Christmas Greetings from Katie SweepChristmas Greeting

For many people it is tradition to have their chimneys swept as part of the preparation for their Christmas day celebrations...


 "Chimney Detectives"Chimney Detectives blog image

Chimney Detectives by Katie Sweep. November 20, 2014. As professional chimney sweeps we have a duty of care to our customers to make sure their chimney and appliance is in safe good working order. ...


"A word from resident Sweep Katie"Katie Sweep

Find out what's resident sweep diarist Katie Sweep has been up to in the latest diary entry featured in the