Chimney and flueing products

For many fireplaces and stoves, a chimney or flue is an essential part of the installation and is the means by which the products of combustion are safely evacuated to the outside world.

It is incorrect to assume that an existing chimney or flue is automatically suitable for all fire and stove types and care must be taken to ensure that you know what type of flue you have before making the appliance selection. The design, sizing and installation of a chimney or flue can have a profound effect on the thermal and combustion performance of a fire and is best left to experts.

Chimney and flue types and construction materials vary with the age of the property and, although you may see a brick chimney stack on the top of your roof, the chimney itself could well have been lined with a metal sleeve at some point in the past.

But whatever your chimney or flue is made off and whatever its size, there are a host of well designed and approved products and installation techniques that will ensure your fire or stove work perfectly.