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October Newsletter Xtralec Feature

Xtralec featured on the front cover of the fireplace.co.uk newsletter

We are a dedicated team of individuals who believe in developing a home wood stove that can generate enough electricity to virtually run your whole house. It has never been done before and we believe we are the first. Our prototype has been developed and we have been amazed by the results. Our first milestone was to generate over 1kw of electric from a stove. We have already achieved this and our targets are still to aim for higher output.

At Xtralec we have a team of professionals dedicated to generating electricity from a wood stove usin

g thermoelectric generators. With many years experience we have the skill set to make this project a success. We are alread

y in our third year of research and development and we expect to have a stand alone household product in June 2015.

In summary our wood burning stove generating electricity will:

-Be a household wood stove

-Generate over 1kw of electricity

-Uses thermoelectric generators

-Support at least 10 radiators

-Heat a water tank

As well as generating electricity from a wood burning stove we are also  researching other products to utilise waste heat from existing installed stoves.

We believe we have a very exciting future.

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