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We aim to provide you with enough information about your fire through our website and brochure, however we recognise this can never be a replacement for independent specialist knowledge that a local fire retailer will have.

We also understand buying a gas or electric fire is a considered decision, and therefore have built strong relationships with retailers through out the UK who can advise and guide you through the whole process from selecting the right fire for your needs and helping you to arrange a safe installation. Customer satisfaction, peace of mind and safety are our main priorities, which is why we strongly advise that you purchase a fire through one of our approved retailers.

Only approved Valor Centres can offer a 3 year Guarantee with your purchase. This is because we have the up most confidence in these retailers' ability to recommend, supply and install the correct fire in a safe and secure way.


Latest Products


New Excelsior and Masquerade Slimline Dimension Electric Fires

Valor has completed its family of Excelsior and Masquerade fires exclusive to Valor Centres with the addition of Slimline Dimension electric fires in each design.

Valor Pic 1The new Excelsior and Masquerade Dimension electric fires are both available in black nickel or pale gold options, combining stylish design with Valor’s patented Dimension heating technology. The electric models complete a collection of 24 gas and electric fires in the best-selling ranges, which are exclusive to Valor’s nationwide network of Valor Centres.

Each of the four new fires, launched to retailers at Hearth & Home, combines the popular Excelsior and Masquerade designs with all the benefits and convenience of electric fires. Like all Valor Dimension fires, they use patented technology to create a truly believable flame effect thanks to a totally unique holographic fuel bed.

Complete with remote control, both models offer 1.35kW heat outputValor Pic 2 with a choice of two heat settings and for full visual effect, the flame can be enjoyed independently of the heat. Whilst boasting 100% efficiency, running costs are minimised thanks to the energy efficient LED lights and for extra peace of mind, a safety cut out device is fitted. Tracey Falshaw, product marketing manager for Valor, said: “These latest additions to the Excelsior and Masquerade ranges demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our Valor Centre network.

“We have continued to develop new products which can add value and drive sales for our retailers, combining the popular, classic design of our Excelsior and Masquerade models with the proven technology of Valor’s Dimension electric flame effect. “With easy installation, low running costs and a choice of two designs in two colours, not to mention an exclusive three year warranty, we are confident they will create sales opportunities for the 400 plus retailers in the Valor Centre network.”


Dimensions Electric Fires

Valor has extended its popular range of Dimension electric fires for retailers with five Added Dimension to Valor’s Electric Fire Rangenew designs including three exclusive to Valor Centres, each available in brass or chrome finish for greater customer choice.

Offering fuss-free installation and 100% efficiency at point of use, Valor’s Dimension range delivers a truly believable flame effect thanks to its unique, patented holographic technology.

The new designs, developed to meet continued demand for the Dimension range, will offer greater flexibility when choosing a Valor Dimension electric fire. Customers can combine the Dimension technology with one of five new fret options; Blenheim and Downton, available from all retailers, and Alton, Bauhaus and Clifton, exclusive to Valor Centres. The designs mirror those offered in Valor’s mix and match range of Trueflame and Airflame gas fires, launched last year.

As with all Dimension fires, the new models each provide up to 1.35kW heat output with a choice of heat controls, can be used independently of the heat and come complete with remote control for easy operation. Running costs are minimised thanks to energy efficiency LED lights and for extra piece of mind, all 

Added Dimension to Valor’s Electric Fire Range 2fires incorporate a thermal safety cut out feature. Additional spacer kits are also available.

Tracey Falshaw, product marketing manager at Valor, said: “This is an exciting development for the Dimension range, which reflect the continued popularity of the range.

“Retailers can now offer new fret designs and a greater flexibility of choice with the unique Dimension holographic technology, not to mention the installation and operational benefits that come as standard with electric fires. With exclusive models for Valor Centre members too, we are confident that retailers will reap the rewards.”



Belvoir Slimline Dimensions Electric Fire - 24/3/16

Valor has increased choice on its Belvoir Slimline Dimension electric fire with a brand new chrome and black model, available exclusively to Valor Centre retailers.

Using Valor’s patented Dimension technology to deliver a truly believable flame effect with 1.35kW heat output, LED lights and remote control operation, the existing Belvoir Slimline model in brass and black was already a popular choice for homeowners.

New Chrome Design For Valor Belvoir Slimline Dimension

Now, with the launch of the new chrome design, retailers can offer their customers a choice of Belvoir models – each available with an additional spacer kit, purchased separately.

Tracey Falshaw, product marketing manager for Valor, said: “The Belvoir Slimline model has already proved to be a popular choice in Valor’s range of Dimension electric fires and this new chrome and black finish will give Valor Centre retailers another opportunity to drive sales with an exclusive product which is sure to be in demand.

“We are continually listening to feedback from our retailers to improve the Valor range and this is another example of how we have introduced a new design to a sought-after model to bring a new solution to the market.”


Riddlington Gas Stove 24/3/16

Valor has extended its popular Ridlington gas stove range with a new log effect model, along with new remote control operation for both coal and log effects.

New Log Effect For Valor Ridlington Gas Stove

The 4.7kW Ridlington gas stove was first launched last year, giving homeowners the option of a clean, convenient stove with all the same charm and design appeal of solid fuel models. With the added benefits of gas heating such as low fuel costs per kWh, high efficiency, cheaper installation and the huge number of chimneys in UK homes, the Ridlington design has already proved extremely popular.

Now the new additions bring the total number of models in the Ridlington gas stove range to four – coal and log effect both with manual and remote control operation - each offering an impressive 77% efficiency. They are available in the Valor Centre range, available only as non-internet purchases from more than 400 retailers in the Valor Centre network. An LPG conversion kit is also available for the coal model.

New Log Effect For Valor Ridlington Gas Stove 2Tracey Falshaw, product marketing manager for Valor, said: “The Ridlington stove, together the Brunswick 4.0kW model that was launched at the same time, has been a star performer in the gas fires market over the last year. “Customers can choose a lower maintenance, more efficient alternative to solid fuel stoves without compromising on design and these new options, developed in response to feedback from our retail partners in particular, provide added realism and enhanced control too.”



Glendale Dimensions Electric Stove - 24/3/16

Valor has added an electric stove to its popular Dimension range, offering customers greater choice from its collection of unique holographic fuel bed fires.

The new Glendale Dimension stove showcases Valor’s expertise, combining stylish design with its patented flame effect. The Dimension effect uses three dimensional imagery and LED lighting to project a holographic coal fuel bed image, offering an unrivalled degree of authenticity and flame realism.

The Glendale Dimension stove is quick and easy to install - simply needing to be plugged in to deliver its realistic flame effect, which can be enjoyed with or without the fan heater, for atmosphere and ambience. The new addition boasts 100% efficiency and running costs are kept to a minimum thanks to the energy efficient LED lights.

New dimension for Valor electric stove

Available in a stylish matt black finish with chrome detailing the Glendale Dimension stove offers a 1.8kW heat output, with a choice of heat settings, remote control operation and incorporates a safety cut out device for peace of mind.

Tracey Falshaw, product marketing manager for Valor, said: “The addition of a stove to the Dimension range gives homeowners the option of having a stove as a focal point in any room setting, but with all the added benefits and convenience that an electric fire brings.

“With easy installation, low running costs and a stunning compact design the Glendale Dimension stove is an excellent alternative heat source for a variety of settings including conservatories, living and dining room areas.


Trueflame and Airflame Gas Fires - 24/3/16

Valor has launched two ‘mix and match’ ranges of inset gas fires, giving customers increased flexibility when it comes to choosing a gas fire.

The new Trueflame and Airflame ranges, both launched at the Hearth & Home show in June, combine Valor’s market leading engines with a wide range of design choices to suit all tastes. For the first time, it means homeowners have full flexibility to combine their preferred Valor engine, trim and fret options.

In the Trueflame mix and match range, customers can choose from a full depth convector engine or high efficiency full depth Homeflame engine, each available with either full trim or half trim in brass or chrome. Both engines offer a generous 4.0kW heat output and Fireslide control for easy operation. The convector engine offers 64% efficiency, whilst Homeflame offers an impressive 89% efficiency.

For even greater choice, Valor Centre retailers can then offer a choice of five frets to suit any preference, including three exclusive to the Valor Centre network; Alton, Bauhaus and Clifton. Blenheim and Downton frets are available through all retailers, within the Valor Mainstream collection, and all five come in brass or chrome options.

The new Airflame mix and match range also offers unrivalled choice, pairing Valor’s popular Airflame engine with the same great choice of frets and similar flexibility on trims.

Customers can choose from manual and remote control Airflame engines, leading the gas fires market for more than 30 years thanks to its unique ceramic burner and unbeatable realism. Both come with a choice of full trim or inlay trim, available in brass or chrome.

The Airflame range can be matched with the same choice of five frets in brass or chrome options, including three exclusive to Valor Centre members and a further two in the Mainstream collection.Mix & Match New Valor Range

Tracey Falshaw, product marketing manager at Valor, said: “These new ranges are a first for Valor and have been developed specifically to meet feedback from our valued retail customers.

“Gas fires remain a popular choice and there is a long list of reasons why homeowners should choose gas, from fuel price and realism, to convenience and reliability of the heating source.

“Valor’s new Trueflame and Airflame mix and match ranges take that one step further, offering unbeatable product and design flexibility so customers can select the individual elements to give the exact performance and aesthetics they demand.”


Brunswick and Ridlington Gas Stoves - 24/3/16

Valor has launched two gas stoves under its Valor Centre brand, giving retailers the chance to offer customers a lower maintenance, more efficient alternative to solid fuel stoves.

Valor RidlingtonThe new Brunswick and Ridlington gas stoves are available only as non-internet purchases, providing all the charm and atmosphere of a solid fuel stove with added control and a superb
flame picture.

With a stylish matt black finish, the 4.0kW Brunswick is a small and compact design suitable for most homes, while the Ridlington is ideal for bigger rooms, boasting a 5.0kW heat output.

Both models offer 81% efficiency and are available in natural gas with an option to convert to LPG if required. Added peace of mind is provided with a three year guarantee from Valor, one of the most recognisable names in home heating.

Valor BrunswickTracey Falshaw, product marketing manager for Valor, said: “The Brunswick and Ridlington gas stoves are a fantastic choice for those homeowners who want the look of a stove but are put off by the maintenance and inconvenience associated with solid fuel.

“There is no doubt that solid fuel stoves remain a popular choice for their aesthetic appeal but gas models such as these combine affordable heating with no need to buy and store fuel.

“We’re confident they will prove a hit with customers and by restricting the products to noninternet purchases, we are pleased to be further protecting our Valor Centre Network.”


Latest News


The New Valor Centre Brochure

Valor has released a new-look brochure for Valor Centre retailers, showcasing the entire range of exclusive Valor Centre products  alongside key information for customers looking to choose a gas or electric fire.

The 60-page brochure – the biggest one yet – includes a new design and layout with all the information your customers need about products in the Valor Centre collection. It includes the complete range of Homeflame, Convector and Airflame gas fires, as well as balanced flue gas fires, gas stoves, radiant gas fires and electric Dimension fires. Featured for the first time is the new mix and match range of Trueflame and Airflame as fires.

Tracey Falshaw, product marketing manager for Valor, said: “The Valor Centre brochure is a key resource for our network of more than 400 Valor Centre retailers and we will continue to support them as we develop the range further.

“It forms part of a comprehensive package and marketing support that continues to be well received by retailers and their customers – and we are looking forward to hearing feedback on the new-look design and layout.”



Retailer Reaps the Benefits of Valor Centre Support

The Valor Centre network continues to support over 400 retailers nationwide in delivering a superior sales experience that stands head and shoulders above any cost-cutting online outfit. And as founder members of the network, Teeside-based Helmanis & Howell, has reaped the rewards with commercial growth and customer loyalty.

“Valor Centre gives us the ‘best of both worlds."Over 35 years, and with the support from manufacturers like Valor, Helmanis & Howell has grown from two men and their van installing gas central heating locally, to a comprehensive showroom offering a varied range of fires and fireplaces, kitchens and bathrooms. With this, the retailer also offers an installation service carried out by its expert teams. But it’s the extensive range of gas and electric fires in the Valor Centre collection which gives Helmanis & Howell a real point of difference and extra reason for people to visit the store.

In fact, since joining the Valor Centre network, Helmanis & Howell has seen a noticeable increase in footfall to the store, and has particularly identified a rise in visitors that have discovered the store through Valor’s ‘ Where to buy’ facility on its website.

Helmanis & Howell primarily trades Valor Centre products, and has found that the wide range of designs, which are available to suit various flue types and installations, remain an extremely popular choice with buyers. David Howell, sales director for Helmanis & Howell explains: “With the Valor Centre range, we truly can offer a one-stop-shop for fires. We offer the full collection from the household name, and are looking forward to stocking the latest product innovations and we have already had great customer interest for the brand new Ridlington and Brunswick gas stoves.”

With Valor Centre, higher efficiencies and improved technologies on the latest models can be supplemented by a host of added benefits including exclusive products only available in- store, an effective customer relationship management system, dedicated POS, cashback promotions and incentivised product trials – all combined with the expertise of specialist, experienced retailers of course. And as the initiative develops to meet the demands of its members, so too do the opportunities for retailers, such as Helmanis & Howell.

since joining the Valor Centre network, Helmanis & Howell has seen a noticeable increase in footfall to the store

Alongside product exclusivity, the initiative also offers retailers a three year guarantee with a ‘no strings’ approach. Apart from a standard annual service, there are no additional obligations for the customer, compared to some manufacturers that offer a similar guarantee but insist that parts must be changed each year at the customer’s expense. And this is a crucial message that Helmanis & Howell has been keen to promote to customers.

Howell adds: “Valor Centre gives us the ‘best of both worlds.’ The Valor brand is so well established, being members of the network has also made us less hesitant to look at the main Valor range because we can still offer the three year guarantee, which internet sellers cannot.

“And with the on-going support from Carol Blackband our designated Valor Centre account manager, we are always up-to-date with the latest product developments and buyer incentives schemes, as well as receiving dedicated customer support that ensures reliable stock replenishment and availability.”

Howell concludes: “The Excelsior gas fire range offers customers ease of use with a Fireslide control, an efficient heat output and lower cost running, all for an affordable price – and it’s just one of Valor Centre’s excellent value for money, high quality products.”


One More Reason to Enjoy a Landscape

Following the successful launch of its Inspire collection of landscape gas fires, Valor improves customer choice with an additional model – the Inspire 500.

Exclusive to Valor Centres, the Inspire 500 offers the same stylish design appeal and easy One More Reason to Enjoy a Landscape 2servicing as the original 600 and 800 models, including a choice of unique Fireslide or remote control. It also includes Valor’s Simplex burner with impressive flame picture and glow.

The Inspire collection was unveiled to retailers at Hearth & Home and has already proved extremely popular for its design flexibility. With the new 500 model, customers can choose from wall-mounted installation or a choice of two surround suites One more reason to enjoy the landscape 1- only available through the network of Valor Centres. All this, of course, in addition to the choice of controls, fuel bed, ceramic back liner and trim design, giving complete flexibility for the customer.

Valor’s Inspire 500 offers impressive heat output of between 4.0kW and 1.8kW using the remote control or unique Fireslide control, which is a first of its kind for premium gas fires. As a Valor Centre product, it also comes with an exclusive three-year guarantee.

Tracey Falshaw, marketing manager for Valor, said: “We have seen great interest in the Inspire collection, both from retailers and consumers looking for a standout landscape gas fire that looks and performs like a premium fire, but does not cost the earth.

“Looking great is one thing, but we’ve made sure the Inspire collection backs it up with easy installation and maintenance too. Because the 500 model fits a standard fireplace opening it offers greater choice when installing, and servicing is made easy due to the way in which the whole burner slides out.

“The Inspire collection is already selling well and we’re confident the arrival of the 500 model will help retailers secure even more business.”

*Always use a registered gas safe installer when installing a gas fire

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