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Based in the Hertfordshire countryside, Valiant is a small business that recognises the benefits of utilising naturally occurring, sustainable fuels to warm our homes, whether with an open fire or a stove. We offer a range of multi-fuel stoves and quality fireside accessories to homeowners that combine stylish design, functional practicality and competitive pricing. From heat powered stove fans to thermometers; practical storage solutions to cleaning products we have a range of products to suit every fireside need.


When buying Valiant products you can be assured that you are buying quality. We pride ourselves in the fact that ALL of our products are designed and engineered in England and then manufactured in Europe or China by our own in-house team. We adhere to strict quality checks, the latest legislation and carry out our own rigorous testing. We continually listen to our customers feedback and incorporate improvements to our designs and range.


We don’t believe in hype, with Valiant you can be sure that the product you are buying is fit for the purpose it has been designed for. We don’t overstate the product features but rather present the facts and let the working products speak for themselves. Valiant don’t pass on cheaper imported products. With Valiant, quality is in the design.


If you are a non-trade customer, you can order Valiant Fireside Accessories direct from our website or from all good local and online retailers.

Valiant Fireside Accessories are available from all good retailers. To find out a stockist near you, simply click here.


For our trade customers whether you are independent shops or distributors, we pride ourselves on providing good quality products at competitive prices and welcome any enquiry or order however large or small. We offer an efficient and friendly service with a personal touch. Credit card and account enquires are also welcome.


Latest News and Products

Great success for Valiant” at this year’s Hearth and Home Exhibition!Great success for Valiant at this years Hearth and Home Exhibition

The 10th June saw the Valiant team head up to Harrogate, like many manufacturers they were off to exhibit at the Hearth and Home exhibition. This year, Valiant had two new products to showcase: the new colour indicator moisture meter and the Vanquish 250 Stove Fan. Bob Sizeland, Managing Director of Valiant, comments “We have had a fantastic show, with nearly a 100 new stove shops, installers and sweeps signing up for a copy of our price list and catalogue. Even though the footfall felt a little lower than usual, we have seen an increase in interest for our products – the new moisture meter being an instant hit amongst traders. For us, the exhibition has been a great success!” The Valiant stand, which was situated in hall 2 of the event, drew a lot of attention as people gathered to watch the new Vanquish 250 stove fan in action and test the new moisture meter.

About the Moisture MeterGreat success for Valiant at this years Hearth and Home Exhibition 3
The Moisture Meter has its unique “traffic light” colour changing backlit display, changing from Green at 15% through Amber to RED at 20%, as well as the digital readout which makes it foolproof to determine when the wood is suitable to burn. The Moisture Meter comes complete with a protective storage bag and probe covers. It has a 12 month Valiant manufacturer guarantee, is 110mm in height x 50mm in width, making it conveniently portable with the ability to read moisture levels in structural timber and brickwork as well as wood fuels, in addition it shows the ambient temperature in C or F, runs on AAA cells for convenience.

Woodsure, Hetas, Nacs and GMCS all promote the importance of wood quality (low moisture content) the largest contributor to efficiency and lowering pollution. Chimney fire safety week campaigners recognise that burning wood with greater than 17% moisture content increases the risk of incomplete burn therefore increasing Smoke, CO, soot, tar and chimney fires.

About the Vanquish 250Great success for Valiant at this years Hearth and Home Exhibition 1
The Vanquish 250 has unrivalled output pushing out up to 90% greater airflow than other designs, making it especially suited to larger rooms. The quiet, cool running motor provides superior quality and maximises fuel efficiency. The Vanquish standing at 250mm high is the tallest fan in the range, this, combined will the slender aerodynamically designed blades gives it the optimum air movement which pushes out more warm air into the room - perfect for those with the larger stoves wanting the very best product and performance.

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Valiant Turns Evergreen

Hertfordshire based Valiant Fireside Accessories are experiencing “changing times”, according to Director Bob Sizeland.

"A customer recently even suggested using our Fireside Bucket for containing ice at a summer garden party!”

“At this time of year, Valiant usually experiences a downturn in trade, as you’d expect, now that the colder seasons are coming to an end”, says Bob. “However, we’re delighted to say that this year the effects are a lot slower thanks to our ‘evergreen’ range of accessories. We are finding that, although historically our customer base used to focus on the stove market and the winter months, many of our customers are now realising that our range of accessories have a use around the home and garden that ‘transcends’ the seasons. For example: our tried and tested Glass Cleaning Solution is suitable for any glass surface around the home, not just stove glass. Our Carry & Store not only acts as the perfect log carrier, but it also serves a practical purpose for storing and carrying garden waste, newspapers and more. Our new dexterous Heat Resistant Gloves may be designed for tending the stove or fireside but they are also incredibly practical for using when cooking at the BBQ. A customerMany of our customers are now realising that our range of accessories have a use around the home and gardenrecently even suggested using our Fireside Bucket for containing ice at a summer garden party!”

“At Valiant we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customer’s needs, both in the retail trade and the end-user; as a result we think we’ve developed a practical range of products that fulfil a real demand. We’ve successfully launched 2 new products already this year – the Stove Care Kit and the Heat Resistant Gloves – but I can also reveal that we have other exciting new products in the pipeline too. Watch this space for more details!”


New Super Stove Fan

This season, Valiant is set to launch one of their most powerful stove fans yet; the Vanquish 250.

The Vanquish is 250 mm in height and has a unique blade design. These features combined provide it with an unrivalled Valiant Stove Fan 1airflow, which is up to 90% greater than other stove fans in the market. One of the benefits from the superior air flow is the improved fuel efficiency which makes the Vanquish 250, especially suitable for larger rooms. The Vanquish comes with a 24 month Valiant manufacturer guarantee.

Bob Sizeland comments, “As a trusted manufacturer, Valiant constantly look for innovations that offer improved efficiency and sustainability to our customers. The Vanquish 250 is a perfect example of this; providing a solution for customers who have a larger space to heat.”


Valiant Range of Wicker Baskets

Valiant introduce fine crafted Rattan Wicker Baskets 1

This summer sees the company launch a range of finely crafted wicker baskets. The baskets are crafted from the best rattan, selected from the Calamus Palm Vines and woven by skilled basket weavers in Indonesia. These beautifully crafted baskets come in all shapes and sizes and were carefully designed and produced to create great storage of logs, kindling, magazines, toys, towels, clothing and much more; perfect for indoor, garden, patio or pool areas. Appealing products to showcase to your customers with universal use in the home.

Valiant introduce fine crafted Rattan Wicker Baskets to its fireside accessory range  2Bob Sizeland comments, “I am delighted with our gorgeous rattan baskets. We feel these are second to none as we have taken great care to ensure only the highest quality products were  selected for our range. I take great pride that as a trusted manufacturer; Valiant is sourcing a sustainable product from forests within Indonesia which supports the local economy.”



Matt Black Stove Paint

Hertfordshire based Valiant has introduced another practical solution for the fireside; extremely heat resistant Stove Paint, which is ideal for covering small scuffs and ensuring that stoves remain in tip top condition. The matt black paint comes in a convenient spray can and is available to order now.

“The Matt Black Stove Paint is perfect for touching up any scratches or marks on your wood burning stove,” says Director Bob Sizeland. “The paint has a tough, durable finish that is designed to withstand extreme temperatures of up to 600°C and it New Matt Black Stove Paint by Valianthas a quick drying formula, which is very easy to apply thanks to the can’s professional fan shaped spray nozzle.”

Valiant’s Stove Paint is a premium quality, fast drying black paint for use on domestic appliances where a heat resistant, tough coating is required. The paint is suitable for use on both coated and uncoated metal surfaces. It is essential when installing stoves to black-in and tidy up visible register/closure plates and other metalwork.

“Every stove owner should own a can,” adds Bob. “The paint is suitable for a multitude of purposes; repainting the fire grate, poker, fluepipe and even exhaust pipes – any metal surface where you require a heat resisting matt black finish.”




Valaint Extends its Range of Stove Fans

This season Valiant Fireside Accessories adds 2 new fans to its range of heat powered stove fans, meaning that the Hertfordshire company now offers 2, 3 and 4 blade options.

Director, Bob Sizeland explains why Valiant felt the need to evolve their range and design the different models. “Historically Valiant fan sales have experienced continual growth but our decision to engineer a new fan in 2014 really was the start of a new era for Valiant fans. A lower start temperature, increased efficiency and a greater output were the objectives; what we achieved with the development of our Premium 4 fan exceeded all our expectations and sales have been a testament to this.”

Never one to rest on their laurels, Valiant was keen to build on this engineering success, adopting the successful principals of the Premium 4 to create 2 additional fans, which they are branding under their new ‘Ventum’ range.

“Ventum II is our smallest stove fan, which interestingly blows the hardest,” adds Bob. “The little fan stands only 174mm high, so is perfect for stove tops with restricted space. The Ventum II is shorter and therefore steadier on a potentially unstable surface, so is ideal for wood and oil burners in narrowboats, mobile homes and holiday cabins. With a dual fin that rotates at temperatures as low as 45°C, by 75°C the Ventum II moves a significant airflow, peaking at around 220°C. The small blade quietly blows harder and is able to shift a similar volume as a larger 2 blade fan.

“The new Ventum III triple blade design sits on the same platform as the incredibly successful Premium 4. Standing at 199mm high the fan is perfect for most stoves. Boasting an easy start motor, the Ventum III also starts to rotate as low as 45°C. The 3 blade design is dynamically well balanced and operates virtually silently, as the triple blade design reduces turbulence (noise) yet is pitched to displace a similar air flow as the Premium 4.

Valiant Fan“Valiant’s Premium 4 fan has proved to be a remarkable product that has outstripped sales beyond our ambitious plans and transformed the stove top fan market. Standing at 199mm high, the Premium 4 suits most stoves and boasts a classic yet modern iconic 4 blade design. We now sell our Premium 4 across Europe, Africa, USA, Australia and New Zealand.”

Valiant are so confident about the performance of their new products that they offer a full 2 year guarantee on all Ventum and Premium fans. In addition Valiant still sell their trusty Original 2 Blade Fan. Standing at 230mm high, the fan continues to sell as the UK’s bestselling fan, despite numerous attempts to copy the product. Suitable for all stoves the fan is backed by a full 12 month guarantee and the knowledge the age old design is tried and tested.

“Each Valiant stove fan offers unique points of difference and we feel our new range offers consumers a choice of fan to suit their individual needs,” adds Bob. “Customers can be confident that whichever Valiant fan they choose, they are guaranteed the same design and engineering quality, which sets Valiant fans apart from competitor products.


 Ventum Range of Stove Fans

The Ventum {Latin: wind} range of heat powered stove fans is the fresh, yet instantly recognisable new design by Valiant. Director Bob Sizeland explains: “Valiant never rests on its laurels. Not satisfied with the success of our Premium 4 fan, we have been keen to refine and re-engineer our unrivalled design striving for more efficiency, more output and even lower starting temperatures.”

Valiant will launch the new Ventum range this August with the Ventum II, a compact dual blade version and the Ventum III, which has a unique triple blade design. Other designs are planned for the future.

“Customers will instantly recognise the Ventum fans, as they feature Valiant's iconic “wi-fi” style radiating fins,” adds Bob. “The Ventum II has a compact dual blade fan design to fit shorter headroom, standing at just 174mm high. The Ventum II really works; distributing warmed air faster and sooner than by natural convection, helping to warm rooms with smaller stoves or where there is not enough room for a larger fan. It is perfect also for moored boats or barges, where instability of taller fans causes an issue when the boat rocks. Despite its diminutive size, the airflow from the Ventum II is significantly higher than one might expect. This is due to the carefully developed lightweight blades which scoop great amounts of air propelling it forward through a narrower stream at a tremendous rate. A new easy start motor also means that the fan will start when the base is as low as 45°C.”

“The larger Ventum III retains the same trusted platform as the Premium 4 blade fan (which is still very much in the range) and stands 199mm high. The main difference for the Ventum III is its unique triple blade design that reduces fan noise, which is an inherent effect when moving air. The design reduces noise while maintaining effectiveness, the output is the same as Premium 4. The Ventum III blades have a greater pitch, which like the Ventum II blade, scoops more air which is propelled forward creating less turbulence (noise).”