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We Brits love Scandinavia – their cool style, moody dramas, social equality and happiness. They alsoThe all new Hiisi 5know a thing or two about cold weather and over the years  we have learnt from them about insulation, underfloor heating, triple glazing, etc, But it seems they’ve been keeping something back. What would you say if you could light a fire for two hours and keep benefitting from the heat for 24 hours? It seems unlikely, but it’s a very simple, eco-friendly technology and it has now been launched in the UK.

Tulikivi is Finnish for ‘fire’ (Tuli) and ‘stone’ (Kivi). Tulikivi Stoves use the incredible heat-retaining properties of soapstone, coupled with their patented ‘whirlbox’ technology to store the heat of a fire. Burning wood or wood pellets for a couple of hours slowly heats the soapstone, allowing it to release a comfortable heat gently and evenly into the room space over many hours. The heat output is so gentle, you can touch the soapstone without burning your hands – making it the perfect option for a household with children or inquisitive pets.

The all new Hiisi 5The all new Hiisi 5 is one of Tulikivi’s most efficient appliance of it’s kind to date - an incredible 83%. It’s long heat release time and tightly sealed structure, makes it a great choice for low energy homes. Better still, this hybrid fireplace can burn both wood or pellets without additional accessories.

This impressive stove is now being launched in the UK and it is already turning heads; picking up the award for ‘Best Pellet Appliance of the year’ at the Hearth and Home trade event in 2015.

You can find out more about the Hiisi 5 or any other products in the Tulikivi range at www.tulikivi.co.uk or by contacting Teresa Coupland, Tulikivi UK Marketing Manager, 01285 650633.


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