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Specflue Recognised in Hearth & Home Awards

Leading flue, chimney and renewable heating supplier Specflue was a finalist in the Pellet or Wood Chip (Non-Boiler) Appliance category of the hard fought Hearth & Home Awards in for the MCZ Curve ductable pellet stove. The prestigious Awards were part of the Hearth & Home Exhibition 2017 in Harrogate between 11 and 13 June, 2017.

Featuring a stylish ceramic cladding finish and new firebox, which is deeper and higher than its competitors to follow the natural movement of the flame, the MCZ Curve is particularly suitable for corner installation.
The stove already complies with the stringent emissions and environmental requirements of the Ecodesign directive which comes into force in 2022.

Thanks to a perfectly sealed combustion chamber, the MCZ Curve pellet stove uses oxygen taken exclusively from outside, ensuring reduced consumption and perfect thermal comfort in modern homes, even those with class A energy rating, with no risk of smoke emissions in the room.

A new ceramic spark plug ensures the flame appears in less than three minutes, with a 40% reduction in ignition times and a significant cut in electrical consumption.

The ash drawer capacity is almost 5 litres and the capacity of the compartments more than 8 litres; this equates to about one week of stove operation before emptying.

Specflue recognised in hearth and home awardsThe stove is also available in the ‘COMFORT AIR’ version allowing it to carry warm air into other rooms. This stove version has two fans that can be set separately with the remote control. A room thermostat is supplied as standard.
The ‘No-Air’ function, meanwhile, allows the user to exclude forced ventilation in the stove, ensuring silent operation and even heat diffused throughout the room by natural convection.

The MCZ Curve is easily managed by a remote control that contains few buttons, but many functions. As well as normal daily and weekly programming functions, the user has the flexibility to program different temperatures in different time slots throughout the day.

Optimum comfort is assured because the temperature can be read exactly in the spot where it is left via a thermostat function. Alternatively, a downloadable app allows the user to manage and program the stove from a smartphone or a tablet while away from home

Sweeter Smelling Warm Air

As an addition to its range of air pellet stoves, Specflue is now offering the first design diffusers.

Supplied as part of the MCZ Comfort Air® range, the diffusers are fitted to air distribution outlets and offer a true design piece. They can be integrated into any air-vented system and their exclusive light and aromatherapy functions make them unique to the market.

Comfort Air® can effectively carry the warm air into other rooms up to a distance of eight metres. Unlike traditional systems, in which the jets must be positioned at the top, the diffusers allow the jets to be freely positioned, giving architectural and aesthetic advantages.Sweeter smelling warm air from Specflue

A tank located inside the diffuser contains water that vaporises when the hot air exits the system, ensuring balanced humidification of the room. Fragrances and essences can be added to the tank for a pleasant aromatherapy effect.

The extractor on the back of the hot air exit diffuser allows the heat produced by the stove to dissipate rapidly and uniformly, giving a 30% increase in the heat released compared to traditional systems, ultimately providing energy savings to the householder.



New Range of Stoves

Specflue will be introducing a new collection of Scandinavian-inspired stoves to the UK market this summer.

The new pellet stoves by MCZ, a leader in the international market of pellet products, will be available from September 2015. Each stove is Nordic in taste through a clean, minimalistic design and is equipped with new functionality and advanced performance.

New features include the removal of front ventilation grilles and the use of high quality materials, such as glass, stone and high thickness metal for a streamlined design. This is enhanced with innovative operational features, including Comfort Air® technology and a ‘No Air’ function, to ensure the stoves are not only performing well, but are comfortable and quiet. The patented Comfort Air® system means that stoves can be ducted to heat several rooms at the same time, whereas the “No Air” feature allows fans to be switched off for quieter heat distribution.Specflue

Phil Lowe, Head of Sales at Specflue comments: “MCZ has selected materials of the best quality to develop a range of highly aesthetic pellet stoves. The removal of front ventilation grilles has become a ‘signature’ look for MCZ stoves and this is a style choice that requires an accurate level of technical analysis. Complete with a new range of innovative features, this has resulted in many new models that offer effective heat distribution with a sleek design.”



Specflue Scoop Air Pellet Appliance of the Year

For the second year running, Sudbury-based Specflue has received an award that recognises excellence in the design, innovativeness and quality of its products.

Specflue scoops air pellet appliance of the year

The Vivo 80 was the overall Winner of the Pellet or Wood Chip Boiler Appliance of the Year Award at this year’s Hearth & Home Exhibition Awards. The appliance, manufactured by MCZ and supplied by Specflue, scored highly in all of the judging criteria, which included its innovative features and general design, as well as recognition of its construction and quality and consumer and installation advantages of the product. The judges were especially impressed with the flame picture and efficiency, as well as the build quality of the appliance.

Specflue also achieved Finalist status in the Wood Log or Multi-Fuel Appliance of the Year category for itsTermatech TT22HS, a woodburner with a high quality build and environmentally friendly combustion.

The awards were presented at the Hearth & Home Exhibition by Chris Bossart, Chairman of the Judging Panel and Erica Royle, Editor at Fires & Fireplaces magazine.