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New Igneous Infrared Heater from Smart Fire

Smart Fire UK has launched a new innovative infrared heater that can provide cost effective heating toSmart Fire Logo any outdoor or indoor area. The Igneous Infrared heater is available exclusively through Smart Fire UK who provides revolutionary heating and fireplace solutions.

Smartfire Infared HeaterThe slick design is perfect for anyone looking for a stylish and subtle answer to their indoor and outdoor heating needs. The Igneous is ideal for a variety of outdoor areas including garden patios, terraces and outdoor seating areas, as well as internally in conservatories or sun-rooms. Smart Fire’s new heater has a programmable thermostat as well as efficient directional spot heating, meaning the owner is in complete control.

This makes the Igneous more economical and energy efficient than standard heaters as it creates enough heat to warm large areas at a time. Not only is it economically efficient but it is also features an elegant design with the heating element hidden behind a sleek black fascia. The hidden infrared heating means the Igneous can blend in with any setting without producing any light or sound to distract from the ambience.  In addition, it can be placed in a variety of areas as it comes with an IPX4 weatherproof rating and has an adjustable bracket that can be mounted on both walls and ceilings.

The heaters starting retail price is £499 and comes in four different styles, the Igneous 600, 1000, 1500 and 2000 depending on the size of the area which needs heating. Paul Holt, Business Manager at Smart Fire UK said: “We’re thrilled to be launching our Igneous heater as we believe it really is perfect for this time of year. “People love the idea of sitting outside with a blanket in winter but without an efficient heating source it’s just not practical.

“This is why Igneous is ideal for anyone wanting to make the most out of their internal and external space without Smartfire Launches New Infared Heaterhaving to feel the cold. “Plus, Igneous is a perfect blend of both aesthetics and practicality meaning it can blend in with any area whilst still producing an impressive amount of heat. “Igneous will work well in both a domestic and commercial setting. The smaller models are the practical choice for heating your home and the larger models distribute enough heat to work in larger commercial premises like bars, restaurants and hotels.”



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Smart Fire Energy Efficient Heaters Installed at Public Bars Across the UK

Smart Fire UK has won three new contracts to install its energy efficient and environmentally friendly products into bars in London, Kent and Derby.

Heating Provider Wins New Bar Contracts

The heating solutions provider is installing its Bromic heaters at the Latchmere in Battersea and at the Chaser Inn in Tonbridge. At Pitcher and Piano in Derby, it’s installing EcoSmart Fire fireboxes and burners which run using clean burning bio ethanol.

Innovative Bromic heaters are becoming an increasingly popular choice for bars wanting to make good use of outdoor areas all year round. The stylish designs mean they sit comfortably within any environment and, as they’re more powerful than competitors, are very cost and energy efficient. The collection includes the Bromic Platinum range which features the Platinum Smart Heat Electric and the Tungsten range.

The Bromic Tungsten Portable is a popular choice for bars. It is fuel efficient and has wheels so can be moved around the outside area with the tilting head allowing heat to be pointed to where it is needed. Clean burning EcoSmart Fire heaters allow designers to integrate heating solutions within a design and create a focal point within a bar.

These environmentally friendly fires run using bio ethanol and because it’s a clean burning fuel, they do not require a chimney or a flue, meaning the design possibilities are endless. Paul Holt from Smart Fire UK said: “These next generation heaters work in any setting – pubs, bars, restaurant and hotels – and provide establishments with a stylish yet efficient heating solution.

“The aesthetics of the products are very important. Bromic has been designed to be unobtrusive and create an ambience within the internal or external space. “The EcoSmart Fire burners and fireboxes are about making a design statement – these are fires that want to be seen and can be very cleverly integrated into a scheme.”

Paul continued: “Both the Bromic and EcoSmart Fire products are very fuel and energy efficient. We understand that bar owners and landlords want a product which will work hard and meet their needs, whilst at the same time, are well designed.

“Both Bromic and EcoSmart Fire fit the bill perfectly and are products which will really stand the test of time.”



Hoar Cross Hall Hotel Spa Turn to Smart Fire UK for the Restoration of its' Fireplaces

When the historic Hoar Cross Hall Spa Hotel wanted to restore its magnificent fireplaces, they turned to Smart Fire UK.

Smart Fire UK Part of £1M Renovation at Hoar Cross HallHoar Cross Hall, based in Staffordshire is currently going through a restoration programme worth in excess of one million pounds. As part of that restoration project, the hotel wanted to restore the hall’s majestic fireplaces to create focal points for its stunning rooms. However, with the chimneys and flues blocked up, they had to turn to alternative methods to return the fires to their former glory.

That’s when they decided to investigate the use of clean-burning fires, and came across Smart Fire UK, the country’s sole distributor of bio-ethanol EcoSmart fires. These green fires are fuelled entirely by bio-ethanol, a clean burning liquid, sourced from agriculture, which means they need no chimney, flue or extraction system. They were the perfect fit for Hoar Cross Hall. The EcoSmart burners were fitted into the existing fireplaces with additional brass and marble surrounds incorporated into the designs.

As well as restoring the fireplaces back to their former glory, it has also given the hotel an efficient heat source which can be easily regulated. In addition to supplying six fires for the restoration project, Smart Fire UK also supplied the hotel with two freestanding fires which can be moved around to suit the hotels requirements.

Paul Holt from Smart Fire UK said: “The EcoSmart fires are an absolutely fantastic product and are incredibly versatile. They’re terrific for restoration projects like this. They create the look and feel of a real fire without the soot, ash and cleaning that’s associated with them.

“The restored fireplaces are magnificent and have once again become a focal point Smart Fire UK Part of £1M Renovation at Hoar Cross Hallwithin the Hall. This entire renovation project shows the versatility of the EcoSmart fires. Not only can they be used in a traditional fireplace setting but can be used as a contemporary design feature. “So many older buildings have had their chimneys and flues blocked up, so for those wanting a realistic fire in a traditional setting, bio-ethanol fires are a perfect alternative. Added to that they require very little cleaning so can provide the charm and luxury you’d expect in a top class destination, with the convenience of modern day living.”



Eco Fires, the Perfect Choice

Finding a heating solution which offers your hotel year round warmth, very little maintenance and is stylish, elegant and contemporary is not easy. SmartFire UK, a leading provider in heating solutions, is the sole UK distributor of EcoSmart Fire.

Coupled with award winning, outstanding design, these fires offer a natural, energy efficient and cost effective answer which provides warmth, ambience and a stunning focal point.

These green fires are fuelled entirely by bio-ethanol, a clean burning liquid, sourced from agriculture, which means they need no chimney, flue or extraction system.Eco fires the perfect choice for your hotel 2

The EcoSmart Bio-Ethanol Fire Box has become a popular choice with hotels wanting to make an impression and looking for a stylish solution for an existing grate or fireplace.

The fires have been designed to compliment a wide range of building materials to create a traditional or modern look.
The fuel is stored in the device’s internal reservoir meaning that there are no pipes or cables required during the installation process.

All the workings of the fire are managed from inside the box so they can simply be installed into a standard frame or inside an existing fireplace.

The EcoSmart Bio Ethanol Burners are the obvious choice for creating a design statement. Their versatility means they can be placed anywhere – within the middle of a table for a talking point over dinner, in your spa or around the pool or in the centre of a stylish lounge.

The Designer range is ideal if you want a contemporary focal or talking point within a room.

Eco fires the perfect choice for your hotel 1Perfect for private or public rooms within a hotel, these fires are cutting edge and will certainly create a buzz.
Paul Holt, from SmartFire UK said: “Bio-ethanol is a fantastic resource as it removes many of the design constraints surrounding traditional fires.

“Because there is no need for a chimney or a flue, less space is required and no heat is lost. Additionally there are no issues dealing with mains gas as the fire has it’s own independent supply of fuel.

“Versatility means they can create a true design statement – a fireplace becomes not only than just a heat source but a talking point within a hotel and a central part of its design.”



Hotel Miramar in Bournemouth Uses Smart Fire UK

One of Bournemouth’s top hotels has turned to Smart Fire UK to reinvigorate its empty and redundant fireplaces.

Done as part of an on going development of the four star hotel, The Miramar wanted to give their old and disused fireplaces a new lease of life. After seeing Smart Fire’s range of bio ethanol fuelled fires displayed at a trade show, hotel bosses knew they had found the perfect solution to their needs.

The Edwardian hotel had the fireplaces installed last year, placing the bio ethanol burners inside the original fireplaces. As the existing fireplaces had their chimneys and flues blocked up, it was thought impossible to re-fashion them back into working fireplaces. However, because the EcoSmart fires are clean burning and produce no fumes, they were seen as the perfect alternative.

On top of that, the new fires have provided the Hotel Miramar with a cost effective and green source of heating. Theo Iakimov, head of operations at Hotel Miramar commented that the fireplaces had become a real talking point for hotel guests.

He said: “We are really pleased with the final result and our guests think the fires are absolutely fantastic. For many years the fireplaces in the hotel have been purely decorative because our chimneys are no longer functional.  So when we saw Smart Fire UK at the Independent Hotel Show and discovered their burners needed no fume extraction, we knew we had to have them. The fireplaces now look stunning and in the winter give the hotel an incredibly cosy feel. In fact they give off a surprisingly effective amount of heat.”

“For example, this winter we were able to turn the central heating off in the main foyer and just rely on the heat from the fires alone.  They’re easy to use, safe, and clean and we are extremely happy with the final result. Paul Holt, business manager

Hotel Miramar uses smart fire

at Smart Fire UK commented: “We’re really happy that Hotel Miramar are pleased with their fires.”

“Often people think that once a chimney has been blocked up then that’s the end of a fireplace, however bio-ethanol can change all that.  The EcoSmart burners

are extremely flexible and can be fitted almost anywhere. Not only have we reinvigorated existing fireplaces but we’ve pushed the boundaries of fireplace design. For example we have managed to install fireplaces in the middle of fountains and even swimming pools.”