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For over 60 years, SKAN and SCHOTT have supported the UK Fires and Fireplace Industry with stove/fire glass window solutions for high temperature applications.

With over 70 million SCHOTT ROBAX® clear glass ceramic panels sold worldwide, the ROBAX® stove glass brand has clearly earned its place as market leader, with its solid German manufacturing heritage, proven reliability and high performance.

Since 1954, the British Glass Engineering company SKAN has worked exclusively with SCHOTT, processing SCHOTT’s optical and raw technical glass materials. SKAN is set up to service the UK market from a responsive and local UK base, but with the full back-up/support of a prestigious glass manufacturing multi-national.

Within our market, we offer innovative visual enhancement of the “flame picture” through the supply of large viewing panels, some with 3D forms, some with decoration and logos.

SKAN has 2 sites within the UK: Head Offices (sales / warehouse) near Solihull and a Glass Processing centre in Coventry.

SKan Curved Glass


SCHOTT ROBAX® is available in curved/bent/3D forms, as well as coated such as SCHOTT ROBAX® ENERGY PLUS as opaque ROBAX® AMBIENCEand ROBAX® MAGIC.

SKAN also stock SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® for specialty applications (such as fuel bed supports in gas appliances), as well as SCHOTT NEXTREMA® for specialty IR heater applications where “no light” is required



For further information about designing with glass please contact:

SKAN. Skan House 425-433 Stratford Rd Shirley West Midlands B904AE

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“At the heart of NEW Design”

The automotive industry has taken the use of glass from a simple vision panel to now more a design led / functional feature.Highly curved/convex windscreen and rear glass screens providing torsional stiffness, through to coated Skan1glass roof elements (restricting heat gain), and into the realms of tinted and coloured glass, are all used today, to enhance the aesthetic, whilst utilising the engineering properties of glass to maintain the ride/dynamic of the vehicle.

Similarly designs within the consumer market with range/cookers utilising all glass fronts, TV’s are now produced “edge-to-edge” glass in flat and curved forms, and these options are now finding their way into the fireplace sector, SCHOTT ROBAX® is well known the clear glass ceramic or “stove glass” of choice by the  UK’s fires and stove OEM’s. But what isn’t so widely known is the variety of forms and shapes that ROBAX® is now available in to support and challenge our industry.

On my recent visit to the SCHOTT headquarters in Mainz, I was given access to the SCHOTT ROBAX® Innovation Centre where new ROBAX® concepts and designs are on display to capture the imagination of fires and stove manufacturers alike. The images below are just a selection of the concepts and ideas available:

Skan Concept 2Skan Concept 3  Skan Concept 4Skan Concept

The Innovation Centre is open to all of SKAN’s UK ROBAX® partners but by appointment only. Should any of these images capture your imagination, please feel free to discuss your ideas with the team here at SKAN in the UK. Having represented SCHOTT for over 60 years here in the UK, we hope to put our proven expertise at your disposal.Skan 2

Jeremy Drew
Sale and Marketing Manager
Skan House
425-433 Stratford Rd
West Mids

Tel:0121 7333003
Fax:0121 7331030


Specifying Glass In and Around the Fireplace

Over recent years, the use of glass in the home has extended far beyond conventional windows and doors. From “roof-lights” to balustrades, “splash-backs” to “glass stair treads and landings”, “cooker tops” to “touch controls” for appliances/heating and lighting... The push toward glass as both a tactile / decorative as well as a structural building material has also begun to have an impact on the fires and fireplace market too.

Skan 1SKAN has been supplying SCHOTT ROBAX® for stoves and high efficiency gas fires for almost three decades and will be found in most of the larger stove/fire brands in the market today. SKAN’s sales and marketing manager Jeremy Drew explains “Although our business with our OEM clients is our key business, we have been receiving an increasing number of requests coming from architects and end customers wishing to use our high temperature glass within more general fireplace applications. Not being a part of the actual appliance, the glass is often sited within in the fire surround area, either as a fire-guard (in-front) / hearth-plate (underneath) and rear-wall-panels, thus allowing for the fire or floor/walling still to be seen. More technically, the use of thinner strips of heat resistant glass is also being used at the lower-front-edge of the gather, often to improve the draw on chimney, especially in larger properties (with inglenooks) where the flue has been relined and reduced in cross sectional area.” Jeremy goes on to explain “More recently, the concept of the 2-sided fire appliance, where its placement is adjacent to an external wall, so that the appliance can be viewed both from within the building as well as outside, has also come into vogue”.

“However as each application is different, whether that’s fire dimensions, appliance / fuel type, dimensions of the flueSkan 2appliance output and proximities to external walls etc, a simple/generic set of “off-the-shelf” solutions really isn’t viable. Also with installations as far a-field as the very extremities of the British Isles, no one single company is available to provide support and offer a “harmonised” set of solutions”.

“It’s an interesting development within the market and one that we’re closely monitoring” says Jeremy. “SKAN has been around for over 50 years supporting the UK fireplace market. We’d be delighted to redirect these specific enquiries through to a group of regionally approved fireplace centres/specialists that may like to work with us on this? For the moment we have focussed our work through one exceptional specialist fireplace business centrally located within the UK called Argyle Canopies who have provided invaluable installation support. Together we’ve managed to satisfy current requirements, thus far...”

So if you have any specific glass requirements for fires and fireplaces or feel like you would like to build closer ties with SKAN, please feel free to contact Jeremy Drew at SKAN on 01217333003 or email


Stove Glass cleaning has never been so easy!

Stove Glass cleaning has never been so easy! Well that's the feedback SKAN are getting about the SCHOTT Atmosfire® Dry Wiper stove glass cleaner.

This innovative cleaning product from the international technology group SCHOTT and distributed by SKAN here in the UK, has seen significant sales growth over recent years. With it's ideal "counter-top" / discretionary spend-appeal, the product fits well with most wholesale/retail environments and almost sells itself.

The Atmosfire® Dry Wiper has a unique composite "flame" design, a specially developed active stove glass cleaning surface which is backed-up by an ergonomically designed red foam "easy-grip" body, which ensures ease of use.

The Atmosfire® Dry Wiper operates dry, without the need for water or cleaning agents. This makes the process of cleaning both quick and simple, compared with other more messy wet-cleaning regimes. The SCHOTT Instructional Video shows you just how simple this all is: -

The Atmosfire® Dry Wiper has been rigorously tested and approved for use by SCHOTT, who are the leading manufacture of the highly acclaimed transparent glass- ceramic ROBAX®. The active cleaning surface of the Atmosfire® Dry Wiper has been specially designed in conjunction with SCHOTT's own technical laboratories, to ensure a scratch-free finish to your stove glass, even after multiple cleaning operations.

Together, SCHOTT, SKAN and our wholesale partners have established the UK market for this product, and have reached a point where end-customer's are now asking for Atmosfire® Dry Wiper by name! So to find out more about Atmosfire® Dry Wiper and how this CHTT product can improve your sales too, please contact the sales team at