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Rytons was established in 1972. Starting out with just two products our aim was to educate architects and builders on the benefits of specifying and installing cavity ventilation in new build cavity walls.  The concept grew steadily and eventually became part of UK regulations and standards.  Today the number of products we manufacture and distribute has expanded to over three hundred, but it still contains those first two – a testament to the original idea.

Our innovative ideas and ability to move with changes in the industry keep us one step ahead of our competitors.  Many of our innovations have taken the industry by storm including Rytons Rytweep®, the award winning Rytons 9×6 Acoustic AirLiner® and Rytons LookRyt® AirCore® Range. For other products it’s all about the detail such adding U.V. stabilising to relevant products.  This process isn’t cheap but we consider it essential as it significantly slows down the fading and discolouring effects that sunlight has on plastic and ultimately makes for a superior product.  We also incorporate external water baffles on all our through-wall ventilators to prevent water transfer across the cavity and reduce the risk of damp.  Air bricks need to be strong so we produce the Rytons Multifix® Air Brick with extra supports which make it strong enough to take the weight of a car – so it should survive any amount of rough handling on site!

Our aim is to listen to what our customers want and do our very best to accommodate them.  For house builders, contractors and installers who want short lead times we make sure our warehouse is well stocked and offer same-day despatch using our reliable courier service.  For architects and other specifiers who are concerned about performance we provide as much technical information as possible, backed up with independent approvals and readily available test reports.  For merchants and suppliers who need to turn around enquiries fast our sales office is on hand for prices and to answer any queries.  We are proud of our reputation for responding rapidly and flexibly to our customers’ needs with outstanding products and services.


Latest Products


The New Mini Vent prevents Unnecessary Heat Loss

One of the main attractions of stoves 5kW and under and gas fires 7kW and under is that they can be installed in many properties without the need for additional ventilation.

However, in more energy efficient homes built during or after 2008, even low kilowatt appliances require a dedicated air supply calculated from 1kW.  With these small appliances requiring only minimal air, standard vents for stoves and fires are noticeably over-sized which can cause concerns about heat loss and draughts.

Rytons Mini LookRyt AirCoreAnswering industry demand for a small stove vent and small gas fire vent, we are pleased to announce that there is a new addition to our LookRyt AirCore family of through-wall ventilators … Introducing Rytons Mini LookRyt AirCore, a new 3” diameter, HETAS Approved, core ventilator with a modest equivalent area just right for low output stove ventilation and venting low input gas fires.

With a tube just 77mm in diameter and internal grille barely bigger than a light switch, the Mini LookRyt AirCore is perfectly proportioned to satisfy stove ventilation requirements and gas fire ventilation regulations without the worry of excessive heat loss.  Easy to install, fixings are supplied for the mini internal panel and the tube is simply retro-fitted through a hole pre-drilled with an off the shelf core drill 78mm diameter.

The mini internal grille is in our popular anti-draught panel design, which has thethe miniature internal panel may be painted or wallpapered to match the surrounding décor.  venting outlets hidden from view behind a front face plate.  This allows air to be distributed evenly into the room dramatically reducing draughts for a comfortable environment whether or not the appliance is in use.

Once the Mini LookRyt AirCore is installed the miniature internal panel may be painted or wallpapered to match the surrounding décor.  This feature, unique to the LookRyt range, enables an already discreetly sized panel to be virtually unnoticeable.




Rytons Mini LookRyt AirCore

Since its launch in January this year Rytons Mini LookRyt AirCore (AC3LP) has quickly become a favourite vent for the fireplace industry.  Originally designed to meet industry demand for a small vent for small stoves, this diminutive HETAS Approved set also holds big possibilities for stove retailers and installers.

One aspect of the vent often overlooked is that for houses built before 2008 Rytons Mini LookRyt AirCore can provide discreet, draught reducing ventilation for stoves up to a massive 10kW!  This is a fantastic benefit for stove retailers and installers who can offer the Mini LookRyt AirCore for use with a range of larger stoves over 5kW.

Whether it’s a stove installation in a Victorian fireplace or a 70’s monstrosity makeover, Rytons Mini LookRyt AirCore is perfectly proportioned to provide effective ventilation that won’t have customers worrying about unnecessary heat loss.

Stove retailers and installers are also able to put their customers’ minds at rest that with an internal grille barely bigger than a light switch the vent has minimum impact on the room and won’t spoil the interior design.

Quick and easy to install Rytons Mini LookRyt AirCore is simply retro fitted through a hole pre-drilled with a 78mm core drill (available off-the-shelf from many tool suppliers).

For comfort, the mini internal panel distributes air evenly via venting outlets hidden from view.  This draught reducing design 
maintains a pleasant environment in the room whether or not the stove is in use.

Once the Mini LookRyt AirCore is installed the small draught-reducing internal panel, supplied in a magnolia colour, may be painted or wallpapered to match the surrounding décor.   This enables the already inconspicuous panel to be virtually unnoticeable. 


Latest News


Three Decades of BBA Approval for Rytons- 20/03/2017

Three Decades of BBA Approval for Rytons 1Rytons Building Products of Kettering were delighted to welcome John Palethorpe, Area Business Manager for the British Board of Agrément, to their offices recently for the official presentation of their latest BBA Certificate. This certificate represents another successful round of BBA assessment for Rytons and will take them to 30 years of continuous approvals – a fantastic achievement no other manufacturer can claim for natural ventilation products. Rytons BBA Certificate (11/4866) covers Approvals for Rytons Slim Vent cavity ventilators, Rytweep and Retro Weep Vent weep hole ducts, Multifix Air Brick, Periscope sub-floor ventilator and range of Louvre and Hit & Miss ventilators.  The manufacture of these products is unregulated within the industry and Rytons believe the BBA’s robust testing procedure is important to give specifiers, local authorities, house builders, the NHBC and homeowners reassurance that the products are of a consistent good quality, will perform as advertised and will last the lifetime of the building.

To find out more about Rytons BBA Approved products download a copy of Certificate 11/4866 from Rytons website at www.vents.co.uk.


New Ventilation Calculation Tools from Rytons

Sometimes it seems there are just not enough hours in the day. With installations to complete, orders to place, parts to collect; not to mention clients to visit, technical enquiries to make and paperwork, you can be really up against it.  As the only manufacturer of HETAS Approved vents Rytons understands this and has created three fantastic new time-saving tools for the fire and fireplace industry - online ventilation calculators.

Rytons Stove Ventilation Calculator, Rytons Open Fire Ventilation Calculator and Rytons Gas Appliance Ventilation Calculator are accessible free of charge from Rytons website at www.vents.co.uk.  Use them anytime and anywhere.  They’re great for planning in the evenings and at weekends and are also ‘mobile friendly’ for when you are out and about - either in the van between jobs or with a client.

To find out more watch Rytons short introduction video at https://vimeo.com/162342421
Start using Rytons calculators today at www.vents.co.uk

Rytons Stove Ventilation Calculator