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Poujoulat North introduces Twinwall DualinoxPoujoulat North introduces Twinwall Dualinox 1
Poujoulat North, a division of Waxman Heating and official distributor of Poujoulat chimney and flue systems throughout the North of England, is pleased to introduce the new Twinwall Dualinox to its expanding product range.

Poujoulat North is the official distribution partner of Chimniees Poujoulat. With a complete product range available next day throughout the Poujoulat North distribution area and a dedicated Trade Counter in Elland, West Yorkshire, the distributor offers high-quality service and products to facilitate the installation of multi-fuel heating systems.

The Twinwall Dualinox is the latest addition in the Poujoulat range and is a multi-fuel ‘chimney system’; ideal for solid fuel stoves and cookers with a continuous flue gas temperature of 450°C.  Being HETAS listed, the multi-fuel ‘system chimney’ fully complies with the requirements of building regulations to ensure safety and reliability.

The components/supports in the Dualinox system are available in both 130mm and 150mm diameters and suitable for both internal and external installation. It is also CE marked and tested for soot and fire resistance at a temperature of 1000°C up to 30 minutes, making it a robust and durable solution for various projects.

Poujoulat North introduces Twinwall Dualinox 2Key Benefits Include:
Safe- Both HETAS listed and CE marked and tested, the Twinwall Dualinox by Poujoulat is suitable for use with gas, oil, wood and coal appliances, when fitted by a trained professional.

Reliable – Along with a 10 year warranty that covers the complete chimney system and its CE mark, the Twinwall Dualinox has also been tested by the Laboratory CERIC to ensure reliability.

Versatile – Available in 130mm and 150mm diameters, as well as black and stainless steel options, each complete system can be installed to protrude up to 2 meters above the last support SMI/CMI, with no additional support required.

Durable – Due to its stainless steel properties (316L-1.4404) the system is V2 resistant to intergranular corrosion, making it a durable solution for internal and external systems.

Robust – With no thermal bridges and a high thermal resistance, thanks to 25mm thick and 100kg/m3 dense insulation, the Twinwall Dualinox has high efficiency and rapid stability of the flue draught during start-up.

As a part of Waxman Heating, specialist in the distribution of solid fuel heating appliances, Poujoulat North is pleased to welcome the latest innovation that will assist in the installation of complete heating systems. Waxman Heating and Poujoulat North are confident that this product will be a welcome addition to its growing portfolio and customers.