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MCZ Curve

Curve, which is part of MCZ brand, is the first preview of this new generation of pellet MCZ Curve 1stoves.

The Design

Its soft, feminine lines, elegantly enhanced thanks to its essential ceramic cladding (white, grey or black), conceal a brand new firebox, which is deeper and higher and follows the natural movement of the flame. A rather large front glass, one of the largest among the pellet stoves currently available on the market, offers a unique view of the fire.


It is a 100% airtight firebox, a feature introduced as standard in the new products by MCZ Group. Curve is therefore a sealed stove, in which pellets burn using up the oxygen taken exclusively from outside, ensuring reduced consumption and perfect thermal comfort in modern homes, even those with class A energy  rating.

As all the other new products by MCZ Group, Curve  are designed to comply with the most stringent European eco-design standards, six years in advance.

Along with the full range of new products by the brands MCZ, Sergio Leoni and RED, Curve was  exhibited in preview at Progetto Fuoco (Verona 24-28 February 2016) and, later, at some of the leading European exhibitions in the sector: Batibouw in Brussels from 25/02 to 06/03, IFH Intherm in Nuremberg from 5 to 8 April, and Foire de Paris in Paris from 29/04 to 08/05.


MCZ Presents New Products for 2016

Inside two actual houses, elegantly furnished with great attention to details, the Group has managed to convey both the innovative features of its new collection of stoves and all the emotion and spectacle of fire.(Find out more about the MCZ Curve here)

Progetto Fuoco, the European reference event for the wood and MCZ Presents New Products for 2016 1pellet heating sector, concluded at the end of February. It was quite unusual, at a usually highly technical event, mainly dedicated to a specialised audience, to see two actual houses, totally furnished in a refined and contemporary style.

This was the winning choice of MCZ Group: focusing on emotion and on the spectacle of fire in a setting that literally charmed all visitors, set up with the collaboration of four major partners in the furnishing world (Casamania,Inulivo, Ita lianadivani and Rexa Design).

MCZ Presents New Products for 2016 2The two houses by MCZ Group, each one inspired by a specific atmosphere, showcased all the uses of fire, from the most traditional ones, such as a closed fireplace in the dining room or living room, to more unusual ones, such as an airtight stove that can be installed in the bathroom or bedroom, or a highly efficient wood-burning range cooker.

The new products showcased in Verona by MCZ Group included a full range of stoves offering exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and emissions, which already comply with the Ecodesign 2022 directive on environmental impact. These 100% airtight stoves have also been designed to offer the emotional experience of fire, with a deeper and higher firebox for an even more beautiful view of the flame.