Lithofin - Specialist Stone Fireplace Care and Maintenance

The Lithofin MN Range features products to clean protect and maintain marble, Lithofin logonatural and artificial stone for fireplaces.

Water, oil and similar substances can penetrate into unprotected natural stone to cause staining. Protective treatment with Lithofin MN Stain-Stop or Lithofin STAINSTOP W (water-based) will render the surface water and oil repellent and help to prevent stains.

LithofinCorrect maintenance of natural stone fireplaces is important to retain their beautiful appearance. Lithofin MN Easy-Clean is suitable for all polished and smooth surfaces and comes ready to use in a spray bottle. If your fireplace has already been treated with Lithofin MN Stain-Stop or Lithofin MN STAINSTOP W, Lithofin MN Easy-Clean will support the effectiveness of the impregnator and the surface becomes less sensitive with time. Price for 500ml is £10.45 plus VAT.

Lithofin MN Power-Clean is excellent for use on natural stone fireplace surrounds. An intensive cleaner, it removes general dirt, grease and water marks, and is very suitable for deep cleaning surfaces prior to sealing.

Lithofin Stove & Ovenglass Cleaner is specifically designed to remove soot and burnt-in residues from stoves, ovens and fireplaces. Solvent free and mildly alkaline, this cleaner is formulated for thoroughly cleaning fireplace and glass oven doors, woodburning stoves, microwaves, baking ovens, etc. Just spray onto the surface to be cleaned, allow the foam to work for a few minutes, then wipe off with a cloth or paper towel and rub dry. Lithofin Stove & Ovenglass Cleaner is priced at £11.15 plus VAT.

Special Lithofin Fireplace Care Kits are also available, containing a selection of these products - for polished natural and artificial stone fireplaces (£22.31 + VAT) and for natural and artificial stone fireplaces (£21.30 + VAT).

Lithofin - Specialist Stone Fireplace Care and MaintenanceLithofin has solutions for most common stone care issues such as soot deposits, tea/coffee stains, and for more stubborn stains such as candle wax. The Technical Helpline is open weekdays on 01962 732126 with technical experts on hand to advise on all your stone cleaning, protection and maintenance issues.

Always test Lithofin products before use as the effect may differ from one type of stone to the next.

The extensive Lithofin product range has been designed to protect and maintain the appearance of all types of ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles, natural and artificial stone. More product information, method statements and a list of Lithofin stockists can be found at

The Lithofin range makes an ideal add-on product range for retailers and installers in the fireplace sector.