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The Cardiff-based company, Island Pellet Stoves Ltd, was formed in 2009 to develop a novel range of wood pellet stoves specifically designed for the UK market.

Island Pellet Stoves - StoveMarc Howell, Director of Island Pellet Stoves , has been selling pellet stoves in the UK since 1998 and commented “Market research shows that wood pellet stoves from mainland Europe and USA do not appeal to the UK market as they are usually too tall to fit in traditional British fireplaces, they are also considered too noisy and have an industrial looking flame that does not appeal to the UK domestic customer”. These were just a few of the factors that instigated Marc to begin development of the Lundy range of pellet stoves, with the aim of overcoming the barriers to pellet stove use in the UK.

The Lundy range of pellet stoves and boilers represents the culmination of five years of research, development and testing and completion of a rigorous accreditation process. The stove is unique in that it brings the convenience of automatic operation to a real wood fire, it is compact enough to fit within a UK fireplace and has the quiet operation one would expect from a traditional wood burning stove.

Dr. Gabriel Gallagher, Technical Director of Island Pellet Stoves Island Pellet Stoves - remotecommented “We undertook extensive development on moving parts to reduce noise and resonance and believe that there is no quieter pellet stove on the market”. As well as the installation of the stove into conventional fireplaces, the stove was also designed for use in air-tight houses, Gabriel added “The stove is completely room sealed, with all combustion air supplied through a single pipe which can be ducted straight to outside, or used with a balanced, concentric flue. It is also inherently safe as the unique design uses the chimney’s natural draught to draw out the flue gases, so there is no risk of smoke spilling into the room if there is a power cut.”
 In order to fit a UK fireplace, the flue exits from the top of the stove; this means that there is no need to remove the stove to maintain or repair the appliance. The top flue connection is 5” which allows for easy installation in a fireplace with a minimum 900mm opening; the stove flue complies with the UK Building Regulations’ Approved Document J for flue sizes. The parts of the stove that will require regular service are all accessed from the front and sides, requiring only 200mm minimum of side clearance.

Island Pellet Stoves - Full ServiceMarc Howell said “We are really excited about this innovative, new product. While there are many imported pellet stoves on the market in the UK today, I believe this is the first offering from a UK manufacturer and which has been designed specifically for the UK marketplace. Thanks to its innovative, patented design, the stove is supremely quiet, has a nice attractive lazy flame and a top flue connection that allows it to work under natural draught. At 5kW output and under 600mm height, the Lundy range is ideal for installing into existing UK fireplaces as well as in free-standing locations.  Not only do we believe that we have the right product for the UK market, but we also offer a comprehensive level of technical support to installers and end customers, thanks to our UK-based technical team, many of whom have had the Lundy 5 stoves installed in their own homes for several years during field trials. “

The Lundy was recently launched at the Hearth and Home Exhibition, Harrogate where it was awarded with “Best Product of the Year” in the wood pellet category. The Lundy 5 stove and the Lundy 8 boiler version are both CE marked and are DEFRA exempt appliances for use in Smoke Control Areas.

The appliances are made in Wales.
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