Many of your customers who own a stove will have a warm cosy existence but there will be some who are frustrated by stove problems, such as smoke blow-back caused by wind or atmospheric pressure, difficulties lighting the stove and getting it going properly or by the irritating smell of smoke or oil that seems to be permanently invading the house. They are not alone - and there is the ultimate solution.



The FlueCube, known as “The clever chimney cowl”, guarantees to solve these problems. What’s more, it is manufactured in the UK and has no moving parts, so it is not going to break or wear out leaving you with unhappy customers. Crucially, it has been designed to be installed on all types of chimney. Why not have a look at their website www.fluecube.co.uk Or give them a ring on 01580 715870 and your customers stove problems will be solved for good.







The Unique Fluecube

It was five years ago that FlueCube launched in the UK. As with any new product, attempting to create a marketThe unique Fluecube 1 for itself within an established industry where something different is often received with scepticism it has taken tenacity and resilience. Crucially, FlueCube's advantage in marketing this patented product has been that it really does fulfil its claims and there has proved to be a genuine need for a product that not only solves traditional problems, such as downdraft, but also increases stove efficiency and reduces particulates. In doing so, it complements and supports the new eco design emission requirements.

Even homeowners who have been using stoves for many years have found that purchasing a FlueCube can be a huge benefit. The FlueCube improves stove burning efficiency by creating a positive draw through the flue system, stabilizing the burn within the stove and thus enabling the stove to perform (burn) more efficiently by consuming larger amounts of black carbon (soot) then would previously have been possible, which in turn helps to keep the flue cleaner *(see the test results on the right)

The unique Fluecube 2The FlueCube also allows stoves to be installed, or to function better, in areas of low pressure and thermal disturbance (normally restrictive for stoves). For example, FlueCube solves problems routinely associated with short chimneys, bungalows, conservatories, single storey extensions, chimneys below the roof line and Glamping Accommodation.
Pricing a product realistically can often be tricky, particularly when the quality of manufacture is integral to its success. FlueCube currently retails at £298 including vat and delivery, considering it is British made, from 316 stainless steel - so won't rust or break as there are no moving parts - and is guaranteed to work, it represents great value for money. Many happy customers are a testament to FlueCube's growing popularity — their comments and reviews are constantly updated on the company's website and the FlueCube carries a 5 star Feefo rating.


Latest News



FlueCubes' Answer to Biomass Problems

 12 months ago I installed a Biomass wood pellet into a new build property near Devizes Wilts. Although the boiler worked well I was encountering real problems with smoke coming back down the flue, which also caused problems with flue temperature making the alarm go off on a regular basis.

Fluecubes answer to biomas problem

 We tried rectifying the problem by adding height to the flue, installing a fan on the flue, and adjusting the settings on the boiler on many occasions, but nothing seemed to work. The boiler supplier was convinced that the problem was caused by atmospherics in the area, and suggested we try a new cowl on the market called FLUECUBE.

 We installed Fluecube three weeks ago, and it has transformed the problem. Since the Fluecube has been installed we have had no smoke problems what so ever, and also the temperature in the flue has decreased by an average of 30 degrees so the temp alarm has not gone off once since installation. I would thoroughly recommend the Fluecube if you are having similar problems.