Microtex Products Ltd has developed the highly innovative Firemizer, a unique solid fuel saving device that has been scientifically proven to optimise the efficiency and performance of fuel in solid fuel fires, stoves and appliances by up to 38%.



Firemizer 1The Nottingham based company, who specialise in the production of high tolerance metals for extremely demanding aerospace, automotive and industrial applications around the world, brought to the fireplace market the Firemizer. Firemizer is made up of a special blend of stainless steel alloys that are patented and welded together to create a flexible grid, which is placed on the base of your stove or hearth. The heat is spread evenly to create the perfect fire and Firemizer will ensure all the solid fuel is thoroughly burnt, allowing you to enjoy your fire for longer.

Firemizer 2

Firemizer is proven by independent tests by none other than the world renowned and prestigious Cambridge University, along with the University of Nottingham, Kiwa GASTEC and OMNI Test Laboratories to reduce fuel usage by as much as 38%. The Firemizer also lessens the production of Creosote by up to 57%, which will reduce soot in your chimney.

Fundamentally, Firemizer works by reducing the airflow through the fire prolonging the burn rate. By conducting the heat evenly across the fire, the fire burns more consistently across the fuel bed ensuring all of the fuel is more efficiently burnt. There will be a considerable reduction in the amount of ash produced and any ash that is left will be a very fine powder with no lumps in it. Firemizer also prevents small fragments from falling through the grate into the ash pan.

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Product Updates

Introducing FirebuilderIntroducing Firebuilder: The Greener, Cleaner Way to Get the Perfect Fire.

FIREMIZER have launched a brand-new product to the market that will help customers achieve a greener, cleaner fire, every time. Introducing the Firebuilder!

Firebuilder is simple to use and easy to light, acting as a firelighter and kindling in one; eliminating the need for additional costly kindling or firelighters and saving customers money as well as time and effort.

Brian Irvine, chief executive at Firemizer said, “The Firebuilder is a fantastic new addition to the Firemizer family and we are delighted to be launching this product in the UK. With no smell and no mess, the Firebuilder is perfect for a barbecue or grill as there is no odour transfer to food as well as being specially designed to help you make the most of your campfire, chiminea or wood burning stove. Using your Firemizer with a Firebuilder really gives it a turbo charge and decreases fuel usage and cooking times even further.

Introducing FirebuilderInstructions for use:

1. Place one Firebuilder flat on the grate (easily snaps into two for smaller grates or stoves). Light under the edge of the Firebuilder

2. Allow the Firebuilder to ignite through it’s unique draught technology  and wait for the flames to become established

3. Add fuel then just sit back and enjoy a beautiful fire every time

Our unique new product is made from 100% recycled cardboard and achieves a faster heat production than comparable products. We are proud to have created a product which saves our customers money at the same time as looking after the environment, a high priority for everyone at Firemizer.”

Firebuilder’s innovative design ensures the fire becomes hotter much quicker, compared to using other products on the market. It uses less fuel to extract more energy; minimising environmental impact even further. Firebuilder’s packaging can be recycled with normal household paper waste.

Firebuilder is available in packs of 5 and retails at £6.99. They can be purchased at from 1 September 2017.

Add fuel then just sit back and enjoy a beautiful fire every time


Five Reasons to Welcome Firemizer Home - 21/03/2016

Five reasons to welcome Firemizer home 1any of us have the go-to products that we use around the home, but what about introducing a fuel saving device that can not only help you but the planet as well? Firemizer is a unique product that has a number of both practical and eco-friendly benefits – here are just a few:

The cold winter months can seem long and cost many of us a small fortune when it comes to our heating bills. With the help of Firemizer you can not only reduce your fuel usage but save money in the process. When the fuel saving device is placed on the base of your hearth, the air flow slows down and reduces the burn rate of fuel, therefore costing you less.
With the ability to be used on a wood burning stove, fire pit, chimenea and even a BBQ - one Firemizer grid is just £19.99 and will typically last up to 500 burning hours. This is equivalent to six weeks if used for 12 hours per day making for a significant cost saving. For example, if a household spends an average of £5 per week on wood or coal, a Firemizer could save up to £100 per year. For a more accurate reading on how much you could save, head to the Firemizer website and its Solid Fuel Saving Calculator.

How often do you gather with family and friends and relax in the living room with the fire ablaze? It’s time to take some time out, surrounding yourself with the ones you love. After all what could be more enriching than gathering around an open fire sharing stories and spending time together? With the help of Firemizer you can save time, as minimal effort is required to stoke and refuel. The device also reduces the amount of ash and residue that collects meaning you can enjoy more time with loved ones and less time stressing about cleaning up the mess!

We all strive to run a more eco-friendly household and with concerns constantly growing around energy efficiency there’s no time like the present to put plans into action. The use of secondary heating such as wood burning or solid fuel stoves are more efficient at heating one space as opposed to turning up the central heating for every room. Firemizer is an eco-friendly and sustainable way to maximize fuel efficiency both in the home and outdoors. The British made tool allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and let your fire burn longer by spreading the heat evenly. By ensuring all of the fuel is burnt thoroughly it can reduce emissions by up to 72% as well as solid fuel usage by up to 38%.

Five reasons to welcome Firemizer home 2GET SUMMER READY
Although summer may seem like a million miles away, the British weather will soon be heating up meaning many of us will be preparing for the all-important BBQ season! The star of al-fresco adventures, the barbeque will take pride of place on the patio but you can still be king of the grill and be eco-friendly. Using the one-of-a-kind Firemizer, your barbeque will burn for longer and use less fuel. The simply designed piece of mesh grid is placed at the base and your coal will lay just on top. Firemizer will make those summer evenings last longer and be more enjoyable with less waste, less emissions and less expense-spared – win-win.

By introducing Firemizer into your home, you will see the long list of befits come to life, but don’t just take our word for it…
Firemizer has been independently tested by the University of Cambridge, the University of Nottingham and Kiwa GASTEC at CRE in the UK, as well as OMNI-Test Laboratories Inc in the USA, proving that this innovative fuel saving device certainly does what it says on the tin!

Firemizer can be purchased online for £19.99 at


Firemizer Website will Help Create the Perfect Fire

Microtex Products Limited developed the highly innovative solid fuel saving device Firemizer which has been scientifically proven to reduce solid fuel usage by up to 38% and minimize emissions from stoves or hearths by up to 72%, which in turn will give people more time to enjoy their real fire.

As the next phase of the launch programme for this award-winning invention, Microtex have now built a new website with lots of useful advice and links on how to create and maintain the perfect fire, which can be accessed on  The site is devoted to home owners who want to make the most of their stove or hearth so that they can enjoy a better looking fire and optimize its performance.Firemizer has been scientifically proven to reduce solid fuel usage by up to 38%

The Fire Expert section of the site will give impartial and constructive advice on how to choose a stove, how to make the perfect fire and where to find a qualified installer or chimney sweep.  In addition, the site will provide detailed information on Firemizer, its independent test results and the opportunity to buy this unique product direct from the manufacturer.

Annkie Cheung, the Firemizer Product Manager, commented that “when designing the site we were very keen to create a dialogue with our customers, so there is a savings calculator to help people calculate how much money they could save by using Firemizer in their own homes, as well as an opportunity to provide feedback in the reviews section and recommend the product to a friend by email or social media.”

Annkie added that “although the website is initially being launched in the UK, it is going to be adapted for the North American and European markets as Microtex is already selling Firemizer in the USA through our American subsidiary company and there is a huge potential for this product around the world”.


Firemizer by Microtex Products Ltd

Firemizer by Microtex Products Ltd – Your customers can save money, enjoy the perfect fire for longer, lessen the chance of a chimney fire and reduce the release of harmful emissions into the atmosphere!

Microtex has developed the highly innovative Firemizer, a solid fuel saving device that has been scientifically proven to optimise the efficiency and performance of fuel in solid fuel fires, stoves and appliances by up to 38%.

Firemizer 1

According to the latest statistics, there are approximately 7,000 chimney fires a year in England alone. It is an absolute must to have your chimney swept at least once a year if burning solid mineral fuels and twice yearly if using wood as a fuel. There are many ways to help prevent chimney fires; Firemizer has undergone independent tests by a leading laboratory in the United Kingdom, which has shown that using a Firemizer can reduce the emissions of creosote hydrocarbons by up to 57%. Independent tests by a leading USA laboratory have proven that Firemizer can limit total particulate emissions by up to 72%. Using a Firemizer will not only save fuel, but will also help minimise the build-up of potentially dangerous creosote, tar and soot  in your chimney, lessening their contribution to poor air quality.

Firemizer is innovative and is new to the fire and stove industry; it is still unheard of in many parts of Britain’s trade and consumer market. We want to change this, ensuring that stove and fireplace owners across the United Kingdom can take full advantage of its environmental, safety and economic benefits.

If you are a sweep, an installer, a fuel supplier or a showroom why not enquire about becoming one of our growing number of trade suppliers?  Firemizer will not only help your customers enjoy the perfect fire, but will maximise the duration of their fire, saving your customer up to a third of the costs of their fuel bill, help prevent dangerous chimney fires and reduce the release of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.


New Firemizer- Save up to 33% of Fuel Costs!

At we are never disappointed and always amazed by the best traditions of British ingenuity and invention which provided the very bedrock of the Industrial Revolution and are still very much alive and kicking in the Midlands. After meeting and speaking to Microtex‘s blog-firemizer-firemizer logoNon executive Director Stephen Lightfoot  at their stand at the Hearth and Home Show in Harrogate are again happy to assist in the promotion of a multi award winning innovation to the hearth and home industry.


Blog-firemizer-box mat

Microtex Products Ltd has perfected an inexpensive and simple to use product designed to improve the performance of solid fuel fires and stoves. The Nottingham based company by using their extremely specialised knowledge of high tolerance metals and their equally inimitable set of skills honed from working on a diverse range of projects including the NASA Space Shuttle and the exhaust systems of top end sports cars have developed and bought to the fireplace market the Firemizer. The Firemizer is a unique solid fuel saving device that is easy to use and proven byindependent tests by non-other than the world renowned and prestigious Cambridge University along with the University of Nottingham and Kiwa GASTEC to reduce fuel usage by as much as 33%. The Firemizer also lessens the production of Creosote by up to 57%. Fundamentally the Firemizer works by restricting the airflow through the fire and by conduction creating a more even burn across and through the fuel bed ensuring all of the fuel whether solid fuel or wood fuel is more efficiently burnt.

Table 1:  Fuel Burn Rates With and Without Firemizer and Associated Temperature Drop

Blog-firemizer-table 1 fuel savings


“Burn Rate Performance of Solid Fuels using FuelMiser" by SK Lam & TW Clyne,University of Cambridge.  This data was generated using a Portway Stove (Model PN2MFC) which was placed on an insulated mass-balance meter (Model Sartorius Combics 1). A thermocouple was positioned in the centre of the burning fire to monitor the temperature.

The Firemizer works on three fronts. First it reduces the airflow through the fire or stove prolonging the burn rate. Secondly it conducts heat evenly across the fire so the fire burns more consistently across the fuel bed and finally it prevents small fuel fragments and the ember heart of the fire from falling through the grate into the ash pan. As Table 1 demonstrates fuel saving in the region of 33.6% with wood and 31.9% with coal can be obtained with a single figures drop in temperature which in practical terms is unperceivable to the user.  

blog-firemizer-how it works diag

The firemizer is manufactured by using a patented process which displaces a molten stainless steel alloy heated to temperatures in excess of 1600 degrees Celsius in to a fast spinning pre-cooled rotating drum to produce a highly conductive and durable metal fibre. These metal fibres are then welded together to produce a flexible and robust heat grid that can easily withstand the heat of a domestic fire which is placed into the grate or fire box of a fire or stove before the fire is lit.  

 blog- firemizer- stove and mat


In addition to the significant savings on fuel the added benefits of using a Firemizer include the fire is easier to light, all the fuel is kept lit throughout the burn, the fire requires less re-fuelling and stoking, and the Firemizer reduces the amount of soot in the chimney and helps reduce soot building up on the stove’s glass windows and doors.   

Table 2: Hydrocarbon Emissions With and Without Firemizer at High and Low Stove Settings

blog-firemizer-hydrocarbons table

"Comparative Tests on Performance of Woodmiser when burning Wood Logs in a Roomheater" by J Tucker and approved by AJ Pittaway, Kiwa GASTEC at CRE, This data was generated using a Portway No. 2 stove which was placed on a platform scale with a standardized (largely insulated) flue section with sampling points for measurement of flue gas temperature and flue gas composition

Last but by no means least by using a Firemizer you will be helping the environment by significantly reducing the consumption of finite fossil fuels and by reducing carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon emissions (see Table 2). It is estimated that if every coal fuelled fire in the UK alone used a Firemizer this would result in a 540,000 tonne reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.        

The appeal of the Firemizer lies in its fuel saving capability, its simplicity of use, its affordability, and its benefits to the environment.


by Phil Cleaver