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About Firebelly Stoves


We design and manufacture wood burning, multi fuel and Gas stoves teeming with the latest technology and combined with time honoured and beautiful designs to offer connoisseurs everything they would want from a contemporary stove.

Firebelly Stoves can provide assistance from the start to the finish, helping you choose the right stove and ensuring it performs through the years with maintenance advice and spares as required.

We also offer an installation service so you know that your new firebelly is installed as recommended.

The full Firebelly Stoves product range are CE approved.


Latest Products


Firebelly Stoves are pleased to introduce the latest addition to the Firebelly range. 

The FB Eco has the iconic design Firebelly Stoves is renowned for - with its sleek New Fireelly Range 1contemporary look and high quality workmanship this little stove has a massive personality and is sure to set the market alight.

The stove dimensions are:

Height 497mm,

Width 398mm,

Depth 422mm

At up to 5kw output there is no need for an air brick.

The FB Eco, like all Firebellys, is available in an array of colours and has an optional log box which raises the height by 250mm. The stove is also available with optional brushed steel legs and comes as a multifuel stove as standard.

 New Firebelly Range image 2Our FB2 Doublesided Gas (up to 12kw) and our FB1 Gas (up to 6kw) stoves have proved extremely popular and from March 2016 the FB2 single sided Gas stove will be available, at up to 12 Kilowatt (Kw) this modern gas stove is sure to be a market leader.