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From small beggininings in a blacksmith shop in the Netherlands in 1844. Jan Gerrits Faber began manufacturing fires, in addition to this he also started making things like bicycles and hay balers.

From those early days Faber were at the forefront of some quite ingenious designs and slowly started to get to the top of their market in chimney-based fires. In 2001, Faber changed their location from Leeuwarden to Heerenveen which is where they are currently set up. Out of these humble begginings Faber became a household name within the fireplace industry.

Faber is now a very well known name in the gas fire and stove industry, they sell their fires through their very trustworthy distributors and partners. They have been around for a very long time and have built up their name throughout. Since Faber were established, they have produced mutliple unique inventions that are now a platform in the international market.

Faber are a continental company and sell their products in many different countries in europe. The UK, Belgium and Germany are just a few. Offering a very high quality and wide variety of products to their customers makes sure without a doubt they will have the right fire for you. They now produce not just high end gas fires but also high quality wood burning stoves and outdoor fireplaces.

Since the very beggining, Faber have always made sure their customers get the best service and the best prices which is also another reason why they are so well known.


Latest Products

Faber Fires Tailors Your Heating Your Way

Faber has launched the Matrix range of balanced flue gas fires, centred onFaber Fires Tailors Your Heating Your Way 1 a  modular system which gives customers complete flexibility when designing a fireplace for the home.

The modular system allows for a number of unconstrained design options, including interior, and trims – meaning that any fire in the range can be suited to individual preferences. Initially available in 1050/650 models, the Faber Matrix range uses 

Faber Fires Tailors Your Heating Your Way 2smart construction which allows the fire to be built ‘almost trimless’ and has the option of one, two or three-sided glass design, for those who want to create an extra statement in the home. The choice of anti- reflective glass adds an extra dimension of realness, and ensures that the optimal focus remains on the fire. An 800 range, available in two heights, is set to follow soon.

Available in both natural gas and LPG, the Matrix range comes with Faber’s patented Log Burner® 2.0 technology for an even more realistic log fire experience. The innovative Log Burner® 2.0 features five burners offering up to 8.1kW heat output and 88% efficiency alongside an ECO boost function for those wanting a reduced heat output whilst maintaining the flame picture. All this can be managed from the feature filled GV60 premium remote control.

Faber Fires Tailors Your Heating Your Way 3Additional extras include the LED Symbio® technology which gives off a superb glowing embers effect, while the ITC remote control app allows for complete control of the flame effect and heat output from anywhere in the home. Tracey Falshaw, marketing manager for Faber, said: “Our home is a representation of who we are and increasingly we are seeing more customers demand a fire that is truly unique to them and their home. “The modular design of the new Matrix range offers the flexibility to add and change additional features to completely change the look of the product, whilst maintaining the stylish design and excellent flame picture that dealers, architects and consumers have come to expect from Faber.”

Tel: 0844 879 3587 
Web: www.faberfireplaces.co.uk


Even More Choice with Faber Matrix
Even more choice with Faber matrix 1Faber has extended its MatriX range of modular balanced flue gas fires, delivering even greater choice when designing a show-stopping fireplace.

The new Matrix 1050/500 available in three options - front glass only, front and side glass, or as a three-sided glass design - and the three-sided glass option of the new 450/500 and 450/650 models offer complete versatility to suit every individual preference.

Tapping into the growing demand for custom-designed centrepiece fires, the MatriX collection has been constructed in a modular system for complete flexibility and easy installation, and comes with a wide range of features to improve performance, visual effect and ease of use.

As well as taking advantage of the flexible design options, users can benefit from Faber’s patented Logburner 2.0 technology. Featuring five burners providing up to 8.1 kW heat output, and is available with the option of either natural gas or LPG. The Logburner technology can also now be paired with the option of Symbio LED fuel bed for an enhanced flame picture, plus non-reflective glass and a choice of in-built frames and fire backs.

Faber’s premium remote control offers a large LCD display with touch button control and full thermostatic programming, and all models are compatible with Faber’s innovative ITC app for complete control from a smartphone or tablet.

Even installation and servicing is made easy, thanks to the modular construction and a unique, quick-release, easy to open window system.

Together with the 1050/650, 800/500 and 800/650 models launched last year, the new models give designers, fireplace retailers and homeowners a complete range of sizes to suit all rooms.

Tracey Falshaw, marketing manager for Faber, said: “The MatriX range has proved an extremely popular addition to the Faber collection, giving people real options to build a fireplace which is tailored to meet their own individual preferences.

“These new fires, bringing the total number of models to five – each with a choice of designs – will only increase that choice and create more opportunities for retailers and designers.
“All backed, of course, by the quality, performance, impressive flame picture and after-sales support you can expect from a trusted brand like Faber.”


Design Flexibility with the New Faber Blokus

Faber’s new Blokhus freestanding gas fire combines a stylish finish and impressive flame picture with unique design flexibility.

The unique, modular balanced flue gas fire, which offers a statement design object for any living space, is available with “All this, of course, with the stylish design and excellent flame picture that dealers and consumers have come to expect from Faber.”optional extra blocks to add height and create different looks. Customers can choose single (200mm) or double (400mm) blocks to fit on top of the standard design, which offers a three-sided panoramic view of the flame picture

The Blokhus model features an output of 4.6kW, or 5.2kW with the optional high efficiency kit and includes Faber’s Log Burner® combined with a superb glowing embers effect using LED Symbio® technology. Matt Kisler, brand manager for Faber said: “The modular block design of the new Blokhus offers the ability to build up extra modules to completely change the look of the product and needs a minimum clearance distance of just 20mm to a wall behind.

“All this, of course, with the stylish design and excellent flame picture that dealers and consumers have come to expect from Faber.”



The New 4Seasons premium Added to Collection

Faber has added the 4Seasons Premium to its collection of stylish and unique built-in fires, offering a classically proportioned fire that can blend with your chosen decor to provide a traditional or contemporary focal point for any room.

The 4Seasons Premium is a unique, feature-packed gas fire that can be used with its glass guillotine door open or closed. A fan flue system automatically compensates for the position of the door and the air pressure in the room, which - combined with Faber’s Step Burner® - provides all year-round usability.

Matt Kisler, brand manager for Faber, said: “4Seasons Premium mixes all the sleek characteristics expected of the Faber brand with many new features to create an innovative gas fire unparalleled in the market.”

The Step Burner® settings can be easily controlled by the standard remote handset or Faber’s innovative ITC app which allows control via a smart phone or tablet. The ITC also monitors gas usage, provides service reminders and delivers the user-selectable Eco Boost settings - five programmes which deliver savings on gas consumption by automatically varying the flame height and burner width.

4Seasons Premium incorporates a highly realistic ceramic log fuel bed with a curved black steel back panel.

Faber 4 Seasons



Launch of the Extra Large Triple Premium XXL Fire

Faber has launched the extra-large Triple Premium XXL fire, giving its dealers the chance to offer an even wider range of design possibilities for new build or renovation projects.

Set to be a popular choice for self builders and designers, the 3-sided fire can stylishly create a striking centrepiece in even the largest of rooms. The Triple Premium XXL model is complete with Faber’s Step Burner® technology - a revolutionary burner for gas fires, which can be adjusted according to the visual, comfort and heat requirements of the homeowner.

At full power, the flames are visible over the entire width of the fuel-bed, providing powerful heat output with the unrivalled ambience of real flames. When less heat is required, just the centre of the burner is lit, offering a smaller, yet still dramatic, visual effect and atmosphere. What’s more, with the flexibility to be installed in virtually any room, the fire’s balanced flue system offers almost limitless options for designers to indulge their creativity when choosing where and how to incorporate the fire into their designs.

Matt Kisler, brand manager for Faber, comments: “The Triple Premium XXL offers bespoke installation opportunities, giving a growing number of self-builders in particular the chance to customise the fire into the architecture of their room from the very start of the project.” 

The Step Burner® settings can be easily controlled by Make a statement with Faberthe standard remote handset or Faber’s innovative ITC app which allows control via a smart phone or tablet. The ITC also monitors gas usage, provides service reminders and delivers the user-selectable Eco Boost settings - five programmes which deliver savings on gas consumption by automatically varying the flame height and burner width.

Triple Premium XXL is finished with a black mirror glass interior, and can be specified with highly realistic ceramic logs, white pebbles or grey slate effect split stones. It is available for natural gas or LPG.



Modular Showcase for Faber

Faber demonstrated its new range of modular gas fires, of which offer simple, flexible Modular Showcase for Faber 1installation alongside all the performance and aesthetic benefits demonstrated by the Faber range.

Retailers were able to see the new Concept I, Concept III and Blokhus balanced flue gas fires, which provide an ‘all-inclusive’ package of fire, chimney breast, brackets and a balanced flue “up and out” kit. The simple installation means builder or even the consumer can carry out the installation to save costs, and leave a qualified gas installer just to connect the gas. Also on stand was the Faber Solution, a space-saving, high-end corner fire for properties where space is at a premium, which was being operated by the innovative Faber ITC app for mobiles and tablets. There was also a sneak video preview of the new Faber Matrix due to launch soon.

Richard Beaman, commercial director for Faber, said: “We were delighted to be able to take part in what has proved to be a fantastic show year after year – it is fantastic to see the industry get together in this way. “We were keen to demonstrate the ease and flexibility of installation that comes with a Faber fire, and there is no better way to do that than with this new range of modular gas fires. Interest was strong and we were pleased with the feedback we received – another glowing testament to the quality of the Faber range.”

Tel: 0844 879 3587
Web: www.faberfireplaces.co.uk



Latest News 

Faber Outdoor Fires

Faber’s range of luxury outdoor fires offer stylish design, unbeatable performanceFaber Outdoor Firesand a choice of installation opportunities, giving hotels, bars and restaurants the opportunity to maximise outdoor space well beyond just the height of summer.

With real flames for both aesthetics and warmth, the Faber range includes built-in, portable and freestanding models for all requirements.

Choose from; Faber Mood, a modern, landscape-format outdoor gas fire in a Corten weathering steel finish which can be used as a freestanding stove or built-in as a frameless fire; Faber Buzz, a unique outdoor fire with realistic ceramic logs; or Faber Tube, a fully- portable, contemporary round outdoor gas fire in a black-painted steel construction. All fires can be supplied for use with natural gas or LPG.

During the summer months, the light and balmy evenings offer the perfect opportunity to throw open the doors and extend your covers with outdoor dining. Tracey Falshaw, marketing manager for Faber fires, gives her top tips to help venues make the most of this profitable opportunity.

Location is key
Outside space will inevitably be limited but that doesn’t mean there aren’t considerations to make. Position tables in the best spot for your guests, sheltered from the wind or glaring sunlight, and if possible, make sure they have a pleasant view – think roses, not compost bins!

Faber Outdoor Fires 2Consider heating options
We all know the unpredictability of the British weather and a little investment in outdoor heating will not only take the chill off for your guests, it can also extend your potential for outdoor dining well into Autumn. Faber’s range of luxury outdoor gas fires offers style, performance and unbeatable aesthetics, with freestanding, built-in and portable models bringing a unique look to any outdoor space.

Bring the inside, outside
Even venues that do not have ‘permanent’ outdoor space can still make the most of the opportunities, by bringing the inside out into the garden. Simply relocating a few covers on warmer days can freshen up the environment and create a new ambience for returning customers.

Why stick to summer?
There are a host of canopies and temporary structures available that can deliver all the atmosphere of alfresco dining, all year round. With options such a retractable roofs and sides, not to mention the opportunity to add heating with statement Faber fires, alfresco dining is no longer restricted to summer, even for the most premium of venues.

Tel: 0844 879 3587
Web: www.faberfireplaces.co.uk


Faber Stoves Proving a Popular Choice

Faber’s range of premium gas stoves continue to prove popular for domestic and commercial installations, providing a clean, fuss-free stove alternative without compromising on style or ambience.

Gas stoves have seen a surge in recent years as customers opt for greater control, improved efficiency and less maintenance when compared to a solid fuel model. And Faber’s collection of quality gas fires includes no less than six freestanding stove models – each offering its own unique style and installation benefits.

The collection includes the high efficiency Blokhus modular design, which offers complete design flexibility thanks to a series of modular blocks, and the rustic Vaska design, a popular choice for domestic installations. Faber also offers the Farum, Skive, Odense and Jelling stoves – each combining its own unique design with benefits of gas stoves including heat output Gas stoves have seen a surge in recent years as customers opt for greater control, improved efficiency and less maintenancecontrol, balanced flue design for installation flexibility, clean and easy operation, with no need to store fuels.

Jonathan Smith, product marketing manager for Faber said: “Whether it is in the home, in a bar or a hotel lobby, the fire is a place for people to come together and tell stories. It provides a focal point around which people stop and catch up - and there is no better option than a safe, clean, convenient and efficient gas stove.

“We have seen a steady increase in the popularity of gas stoves in recent years as more people switch on to the installation and operational benefits when compared to solid fuel models, and this has been mirrored by Faber’s continued product development in the category.

“It means we are able to offer a comprehensive range of market leading gas stove designs, with almost limitless flexibility of installation and something to suit all applications.”

To view the full collection, visit www.faberfireplaces.co.uk.

Faber Fires Add a Modern Touch to Ladycross Plantation’s Woodland Holiday Lodges

Faber Fires Add a Modern Touch to Ladycross Plantations Woodland Holiday LodgesAttracting families and holiday-makers for more than three decades, the Ladycross Plantation has received a welcome refresh, thanks to the help of Faber’s contemporary designed gas stove fires.

A beautifully sheltered and tranquil park set in 30 acres of mature woodland located in Whitby in the North York Moors, the Ladycross Plantation was originally a caravan park for 25 years until it was bought out by a private holiday company in 2010.

With the popularity of staycations increasing year-on-year, the woodland had all the potential to become a luxury holiday getaway – promising peace, nature and a style of self-catered indulgence that holiday-makers have come to expect.

The idea was to create a holiday home that was a little different from the generic, static lodge in the woods. The end product resulted in a collection of individually designed luxury oak clad lodges, with exquisite design at its core, set in the heart of the woodland.

The interior space focused on height, glass and open living space, and it was important for this to be combined with modern styling and sharp interior to get the desired effect. Faber, a leading brand across UK and Europe for top-of-the-range gas fires and stoves, provided the perfect style and suitability for a focal point within the lodge’s interior.

Taking pride of place in the centre of each individually designed open living space is the Faber Vaska – a modern gas stove fitted with Faber’s revolutionary Log Burner®. Beautifully designed with a glass door, black-painted-steel finish the Vaska stove provides a balance between modern and industrial design. And without the need for a chimney, the free-standing Vaska stove could be installed in any of the lodges’ rooms, so long as they had an exterior wall. This offered real versatility when it came to installing the stoves to make a statement.

Faber Fires Add a Modern Touch to Ladycross Plantations Woodland Holiday LodgesKieran Robinson, from Ladycross Plantation, said: “The woodland is already a striking setting and so it was important that the lodges themselves match up to this – and a captivating focal point was key to achieving this, as well as helping to hold together the open-plan style living space.

“The visual appeal of Faber’s fires was what sold it for me – and for most of our guests - so much so that we always ensure that the fire is on before guests arrive.”

Tracey Falshaw, marketing manager for Faber, said: “It’s no surprise that gas stoves were the preferred choice in this setting. The highly efficient Faber Vaska stove provides style and luxury, and is also a more convenient solution to solid fuel gas stoves – with no mess, instant controllable heat and less maintenance too.”

Local installation company, Abbey Gas Ltd, was on-hand during the installation process, including advising on relevant regulations, flooring requirements, gas supplies and roof positions and seals.

Kieran adds: “As the lodges were new builds and the fires were installed from the very beginning this process was very straight forward, as has been the maintenance, servicing and the ease of operation.

“One of the reasons we have the fire on when guests are first shown around the lodge is so that we can illustrate how easy it is to operate the stove with the help of the remote control.”


Story Time with New Faber Brochure

Story time with new Faber brochureFaber has launched a new 96-page brochure, showcasing its complete collection of top-of-the-range balanced flue and outdoor gas fires.

Themed around ‘telling a story’, the brochure focuses on the notion of getting together around a fire to catch up and share moments, bringing the traditional camp fire concept into the most stylish of living rooms and commercial settings.

It includes all the highlights from Faber’s collection of quality European fires, including the new MatriX collection, the Premium range of frameless fires, and the Aspect range, perfect as room dividers. Also included are Faber’s freestanding models, offering a perfect alternative for solid fuel stoves, and the brand’s popular outdoor fires.

Full specifications of all models are featured, including heat input, heat output and efficiency, along with standard and optional design and operational features including trim, frames, controls and burners.

Tracey Falshaw, marketing manager for Faber, said: “Modern gas fires have become a show- stopping centrepiece for many living rooms, bars, restaurants and lobbies. They create a place to gather with friends and family to share memories and have meaningful conversations – and that’s the story we are trying to portray with this new brochure.

“The Faber collection combines stylish design with unbeatable flame pictures. Thanks to Faber’s innovative technology, provides a wide range of solutions for the most luxurious of domestic or commercial properties.”

“This brochure should be a key resource for all dealers and designers, giving all the information they could possibly need to help meet customer requirements quickly and easily."



Cornering the Market

Faber Cornering the MarketWith no less than seven models that offer a corner specification, Faber’s range of premium gas fires is helping designers and retailers to meet growing demand for corner fires.

Faber’s Solution Premium gas fire is a frameless corner fire, specifically designed for installing in a corner where space is limited. However, with a wide selection of other three-sided and L-shaped models, Faber is the manufacturer of choice for high-spec corner fires.

Tracey Falshaw, marketing manager for Faber, said: “Corner fires provide a space-saving option for many modern properties, especially high specification apartments. But, they can also create a stylish design feature in rooms of all sizes and there is a real push to turn small, sharp corners and oddly- shaped alcoves which typically become unused spots into beautiful, functional spaces.”

Cornering the Market 2For the more luxurious of living room settings we are also seeing increased interest in developing new or secondary focal points that blend with, but do not impede existing design elements. In order to create a successful new focal point, it is imperative to make every design decision in a space appear intentional, and the increasing demand for premium fires, including corner installations, as both a design feature and a heat source helps to fulfil this intent.”
The Faber collection of top-of-the-range gas fires includes the Duet Premium, Honest and Respect Premium designs, alongside the Solution Premium dedicated corner fire. With a variety of design and size options, these frameless fires are becoming increasing popular when installed in a corner.

Tracey Falshaw adds: “As with all of the Faber balanced flue collection, our corner installations come with unbeatable flame picture and high heat output to provide the perfect combination of warmth and atmosphere. Remote control comes as standard and many offer integration with our ITC app so users can control the flame picture and heat output via their tablet or mobile phone.”

Faber Fires Burns Bright at the Belfry

Two top of the range built-in gas fires from Faber are taking centre stage at The Belfry, one of the UK’s leading hotel, golf and leisure resorts.

Faber Fires Burn Bright At The Belfry HotelFaber’s Relaxed Premium L frameless fire was supplied and installed through Allwood Fireplaces in the outstanding Presidential Suite as part of a multi-million pound refurbishment at the five-star venue near Birmingham, which is known as the spiritual home of the Ryder Cup.

Relaxed Premium L incorporates Faber’s patented Step Burner, which is divided into three sections to allow the full width of the burner to be lit or just the centre section, each in high and low flame settings.

The fire and flue were installed by Allwood Fireplaces, leaving The Belfry’s contractors to build a frame and finish around it in the suite’s living area. A Faber Aspect ST-XL was also installed in the hotel reception area as part of the £26million refurbishment project, which was completed this year and saw every bedroom and meeting room, sofa and cushion upgraded.Faber Fires Burn Bright At The Belfry Hotel 2

Allan Gent from Allwood Fireplaces said: “We suggested Faber for the Presidential Suite because we knew it could deliver a genuinely premium product that would be fitting for the top suite in such a prestigious hotel.

“The look and feel of the Relaxed Premium range, the flame picture and the overall quality of the product means it is one of the best fires you can buy on the market, not to mention the impressive service and aftercare package. We had no hesitation recommending it when we met with the architect, contractor and project team at the hotel and it’s a fantastic installation.