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Eurostove Takes on the Nestor-Martin Agency in the UK - FEB 2017

Eurostove, specialists in importing quality branded European stoves, are proud to announce that they Eurostove Takes on the Nestor-Martin Agency in the UK 1have taken over the agency for Nestor-Martin stoves in the UK. The Nestor-Martin wood burning collection includes 13 designs that will be available from Eurostove in January 2017. With over 150 years experience in the industry, Nestor-Martin offers cast iron stoves high in efficiency, performance and quality. Economic and eco-friendly, the range is suitable for classic and contemporary interiors and features the Plexus air supply system for precise stove control. Selected models are approved to burn overnight in a smoke control area.

An Innovative Inset Wood Burning Stove from Exclusive to Eurostove

Exclusive to Eurostove in the UK, this contemporary design is available as a four-sided model for a sleek wall-mounted look or a three-sided frame that sits neatly on a granite or slate base. The  perfect refuge on a cold winter’s day, Stilkamin will add warmth and distinction to any home.

An Innovative Inset Wood Burning Stove From Eurostove

 Available in four sizes, the pioneering Stilkamin sliding door stove is built from steel with a refractory brick chamber, and cast iron base. The benefit of refractory concrete bricks is that, as the chamber of combustion gets hot, the bricks become clean. This results in a bright glow every time the fire is used. 

An optional convection blower with remote control is also available. This enables the heat to be  ducted through to any other room, which could be up to six metres away. A removable ash pan also makes cleaning easier. 

Hergom stoves are highly efficient with a double combustion system and groundbreaking interior that provides maximum heat output and fuel performance. One of Europe’s largest manufacturers of cast iron stoves and cookers, Hergom has its foundry in Santander, northern Spain, where only the finest cast iron is used.