Last year Eurocowl celebrated 21 years in the industry with a significant investment in its manufacturing base. This investment has enabled Eurocowl to markedly improve production whilst maintaining and reducing per unit costs. These savings, Eurocowl are passing directly onto their customers whilst quality is maintained, and improved.

Eurocowl hit the new season running 2Matt Lysandrides stated Simplefit, Eurocowl’s parent company, is a highly respected manufacturer and has been undergoing a steady and above average growth within the UK. Similarly, Eurocowl continues to hold and extend its market position. This is in part through the innovations of our new website launched in 2015 and our increasing use of social media to increase brand awareness. Matt went onto further say Eurocowl’s pot hanging cowl is a market best seller with sales undergoing exponential growth this year.

Eurocowl hit the new season running 1The pot hanging cowl is of ‘a one piece design ‘and construction and a favourite in its effectiveness, quality, and simplicity to fit. Sales of the mini Eurocowl are also showing similar market performance with unit sales increasing year on year regardless of the market conditions. (Find out more about the chimney in your home in "The Essentials to Understanding, Fireplace, Chimney and Flue Sizes")

Eurocowl’s outstanding performance and continuing success is a result of its exceptional products, its keen pricing, and its customer orientated marketing strategies. These strategies include a range of free marketing materials available to stockists, and retailers, such as leaflets, posters, and display boards, and stands.

Eurocowl are now seeing the dividends of their hard work and the forward planning of previous years. A combination of inward capital investment, enabling competitive pricing, and the improved quality of products has promoted and attracted much customer support. Eurocowl continues to attract new customers, whilst supporting present customers and are seeing past customers return back to the Eurocowl brand. Matt stated the popularity and market held by Eurocowl is down to offering the best chimney cowl on the market. He believes Customers are looking for a quality product that is cost effective and we deliver on both fronts.

Eurocowl grows from strength to strength as does its parent company Simplefit through its strategic focus on its retailers and distributors and its traditional belief in customer service, quality, competitive pricing and brand loyalty.

As we move headlong into the new season Eurocowl is set to recruit and expand its ever-growing customer base. 



Eurocowl comes of age1Established in 1970 as part of Simplefit Ltd Hampshire based Eurocowl legitimately claims to be one of the few cowl manufacturers who not only manufacture but source all their materials within the UK. Eurocowl is committed to providing top quality products, at competitive prices,   manufactured at its UK based ISO 9001 Certified factory.  All Eurocowl’s products are rigorously performance, and quality tested to comply with the appropriate standards, and meet all the current legislation requirements.

Eurocowl with its coming of age has identified the need to increase its manufacturing capabilities to satisfy its current market demand.  By investing heavily, speeding up and streamlining the production process allows Eurocowl to remain highly competitive whilst creating the opportunity to expand its customer base with no compromise in quality. This investment represents a pivotal moment for the business in its land mark year enabling Eurocowl to increase its production capacity and pass on the savings to its customers whilst acting as a catalyst in fuelling its ambition for greater market growth.

Marketing and Sales Manager Matt Lysandrides said “2015 is a very big year indeed for the business and we plan to celebrate our coming of age in style! We have recently made significant investment in our manufacturing capabilities to enable us to support our existing customer base with a range of quality products at a reduced price. In addition, we are looking to recruit new retailers and distributors.”

All Eurocowl products are renowned throughout the industry for their high end quality and comply with the relevant standards and regulations. All Eurocowl products are covered by Eurocowl Comes of age 2a 12 month guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship. Eurocowl are so confident in their products they carry the additional guarantee should they fail to remedy the downdraught problem, and provided they are not damaged, modified, or painted a full refund will be given by the stockist.

Matt went on further to say “Eurocowl is committed to providing top quality products at more than competitive prices.  To support a product range we are hugely proud of, we also employ a team of dedicated relationship managers to support and grow our customer base and to develop future business opportunities.”

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