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ESSE is the UK's longest-standing stove manufacturer but is still at the cutting edge of the industry thanks to its wood burning cookers, electric cookers and wide range of stoves

Established in 1854, ESSE is the UK's oldest stove manufacturer. The entire range of cast iron range cookers, gas stoves, woodburning stoves and cookstoves has been designed to offer energy-efficiency and lower running costs.
The knowledge and skills developed over more than a century and a half, go into everything we do and ESSE range cookers and stoves are hand built to last a lifetime - just ask one ESSE owner, whose cast iron ESSE range cooker has been in continuous daily use since 1920!

From River cottage to the Himalayas, Australia to the Arctic, and everywhere in between... ESSE range cookers and stoves have been relied upon in the world's most demanding environments.

ESSE range cookers combine classic style with modern benefits so you don't have to compromise the way you cook; our oil cookers, woodfired cookers, gas cookers and electric cookers combine generous cooking capacities with energy efficiency and all offer rapid heat up times. Our EC4i electric range cooker even has a state-of-the-art induction hob.

Wood burning cookers are gaining in popularity thankd to their rustic appeal and carbon neutral status.
The ESSE Ironheart is a modern classic; unveiled in 2004 to celebrate 150 years of ESSE. It combines the quintessential features of ESSE's range cookers and wood burning stoves and is a firm favourite at River Cottage.

Energy-efficient ESSE stoves come in a wide variety of styles and fuel types: from the flueless gas Firewalls and modern gas stoves to the traditional cast iron woodburning stoves, we have something to suit every home, from chic and contemporary to timeless and traditional.

Thanks to their innovative design, many ESSE wood burning stoves and wood burning cookers are carbon neutral and many of our stoves are suitable for burning wood in smoke control areas under the DEFRA exemption scheme.

For the ultimate energy-efficient stove, consider one of our inset stoves. ESSE pioneered the first British convector stoves and continues to lead the industry in developing these efficient alternatives to an open fire.

If woodburning stoves aren't for you, choose one of ESSE's electric stoves or chic, flueless gas firewalls. Because their is no flue to consider, these stoves can be placed wherever you think looks best within your home.

River cottage cookers... Balaclava hospital... Himalayan expeditions...
With such a rich heritage, ESSE was bound to pick up a few famous fans over the years. Our client list includes; world-famous explorers Shackleton and Scott, the 'Lady with the Lamp' Florence Nightingale, James Bond in 'A View to a Kill', top British climber Alan Hinkes and, more recently, the well-known River Cottage team.


Latest Products

Fuelled By Good Food, Made By ESSE.

The ESSE Factory Cafe is now open seven days a weekFuelled by good food made by ESSE with all dishes home-made daily on either the EL13Amp, 990EL, 990 woodburning cooker or the popular gas fired Ironheart.

A trip to the cafe, situated on the Leeds-Liverpool canal (bridge 153), not only provides walkers and cyclists the chance to sample some of the daily specials such as fresh soups, handmade pies and quiches, and home-baked cakes and scones, but also the unique opportunity to witness ESSE in action; doing what it does best, which is keeping us warm and well-fed, all nestled in between the picturesque Yorkshire Dales and Peak District.

The wide variety of delicious dishes on the menu are all cooked on-site every day on one of the cafe's four ESSE range cookers, from the 990EL model with electric hot cupboard companions – combining both induction and cast iron hot plate cooking – to the 990 woodburning option with patented clean burning which filters emissions as the fuel is used.

ESSE Sales Director Mark Blewitt says: “As our new cafe is right next to the factory, a breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea is also an opportunity for the public to get a glimpse of all the stoves and range cookers that are hand-crafted at the ESSE engineering facility right here in Barnoldswick, or take a trip our stove museum, which tracks the history of the brand with models dating back to 1854 and all through the ages, right to the present day.

“We're open seven days a week from 9am until 5pm with menu updates posted daily on social media. Dogs and muddy boots are welcome, just be sure you bring your appetite and give yourself plenty of time to sit awhile in front of the stove. As they say 'the proof is in the pudding' though, so what better way to find out why food always tastes better on an ESSE than trying it out for yourself?”

At this time of year ESSE attends a busy event calendar with in-store demonstrations and county shows throughout the UK, so if you are an stove owner, thinking about a purchase, or have an interest in the ESSE product range please visit to find out about your nearest ESSE event or stove specialist.


AutoBlaze, The Revolutionary Electronic Ignition System

Innovative master stove and cooker maker ESSE has launched a new high-tech fire-lighting system that is set to revolutionise the industry.  Its wood-burning stoves, created by more than 160 years of British manufacturing experience, will be the first in the world to use the AutoBlaze system.

The combustion unit ignites the fire inside a wood-burning stove with the flick of a switch or remote control and means an end to kindling and matches. The ingenious British invented and designed electronic ignition system is simple to use – load your dry logs in front of the air jet, close the door, press the remote and the five to eight minute lighting cycle begins. As well as being clean and safe it is also a great solution for ‘cold flue’ or poor draught installations. Barnoldswick-based manufacturer ESSE is now offering AutoBlaze in its ESSE 100 SE model.

Mark Blewitt, sales director at ESSE, said: “Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, we are continually looking to Hot Technology Sparks New Era For Wood Burning Stoves 1improve and develop the products that we offer our customers. “The AutoBlaze system is clean and eco-friendly and we will be the first manufacturer to bring it to market. “The technology has been invented in Britain and as a proud British manufacturer we are delighted to be launching it. “It delivers great benefits to stove owners, making lighting much easier and cleaner and its particularly good for the elderly, who may not be able to get on their hands and knees to get their fire started.

“The AutoBlaze system also works to prepare the chimney by warming it, which helps improve the draw. It’s great user-friendly technology.” AutoBlaze has been developed by a company in the West Midlands. The unit places an element that can be heated to 500 plus degrees Celsius inside the wood-burner and, at the flick of a switch, blows hot air onto the wood to the point of combustion. It is the brainchild of engineer and entrepreneur Matthew Statham. He said: “I have been through seven different prototypes, carried out huge amounts of testing, and had many conversations with stove installers, manufacturers and users to get to this stage.

“I’m delighted that ESSE, with its record of innovation and manufacturing, is the first stove maker to adopt the AutoBlaze system and I look forward to a long and successful working relationship.” ESSE models are hand crafted to order. The company, based at the Ouzledale Foundry, Long Ing, Barnoldswick, has been hand-building stoves and cast iron cookers for more than 160 years. ESSE cookers and stoves were used in the Crimean War by Florence Nightingale and in the Antarctic by explorers Scott and Shackleton.


Latest News


Stylish New Log Store Options for the Esse 100 Stove

The popular British manufactured ESSE 100 stove is now available with stylish log store options.

It is the latest in a line of recent innovations by the industry-leading Lancashire manufacturer, which has been creating beautiful stoves and firewalls since 1854. The aesthetically pleasing log stores are available in two sizes for the ESSE 100 - 220mm and 300mm in height. Retrofitting is also available. This well-designed store is supplied separate to the stove  and is easy to fit. Just remove the standard cast iron legs and secure the supplied log store to the base of the firebox.

Other recent developments from the innovative ESSE team means the 100 model is now manufacturer with a riddling grate and wooden handle with positive stop. The manufacturer has also recorded its latest industry first – with the launch of an ingenious electronic ignition system for wood burning stoves. AutoBlaze is simple to use – load your dry logs in front of the air jet, close the door, press the remote and the five to eight minute lighting cycle begins.

There’s no need for kindling and as well as being clean and safe it is also a great solution for ‘cold flue’ or poor draught installations. Mark Blewitt, sales director at ESSE, says: “More than 160 years of British craftsmanship are behind the ESSE 100 stove and we are continually looking to improve the offer to our clients to deliver an even better product. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.” The company, based at the Ouzledale Foundry, Long Ing, has been hand-building stoves and cast iron cookers for more than 160 years.

ESSE cookers and stoves were used in the Crimean War by Florence Nightingale and in the Antarctic by explorers Scott and Shackleton. Established in 1854, ESSE is the UK’s longest-standing stove manufacturer. The knowledge and skills gained over more than a century and a half go into everything the company creates and ESSE range cookers and stoves are designed to last a lifetime. Each one of its modern stoves can trace its ancestry back through the decades to ESSE’s original models. 

The selling points in the company’s first brochure still hold true today: “Great economy in point of fuel, great economy in point of cleanliness.”

For more information on ESSE and its wide range of industry-leading products please visit: or call 01282 813 235. The ESSE 100 multi-fuel with log store is £1,144 (including VAT). The 100DD model with log store is £1,195 (including VAT). Log stores are also available for the ESSE 200, 500 and 700 Vista.



British Patent Confirms Unique Design of ESSE's Wood-burning Technology

British Patent Confirms Unique Design of ESSE's Wood-burning Technology 1Master British Stove Maker ESSE has had a patent granted on the technology behind its beautifully balanced wood-fuelled 990 range cooker. This confirms ESSE's assertion that this clean-burning range cooker is like no other available today.
The 990 can now proudly boast 'patented technology' with reference to its twin catalytic converters. These are used to clean the emissions and re-burn smoke particles produced by the range cooker when lit, and the team at ESSE report that they would be very surprised if this wasn't the 'cleanest-burning solid fuel cooker in the world!'

Sales Director Mark Blewitt explains: “We are incredibly proud of the design and technology that has gone into our 990 range cooker and having our patent granted further illustrates our commitment to hand building the best range cookers in the country and beyond, as we have since 1854. “When we launched the wood-burning ESSE 990, we put it through its CE testing (to ensure it met our high standards) and we were delighted to be told by the independent inspector that it was the cleanest-burning appliance he'd ever tested.

“The EU standard for CO emissions is currently 1% maximum, with some countries asking for less than 0.3%; the ESSE 990, by comparison, was assessed at 0.01% CO! With regulations on emissions from wood-burning appliances due to be tightened even further in 2022, we are proud to have designed such a 'future-proof' appliance.

British Patent Confirms Unique Design of ESSE's Wood-burning Technology 2“The ESSE 990 has proven extremely popular since its launch, with customers across the globe appreciating its many benefits. This four-door range cooker has three capacious ovens and an easy-to-access firebox for easy refuelling. It features ESSE's biggest cast iron hotplate, with different temperature zones for added flexibility. Like all our cast iron, enamelled range cookers, it maintains very even oven temperatures - as good for rich and flavourful roasts as for melt-in-the-mouth meringues - and is available in a choice of 20 different colours. The firebox has a secondary glass door which gives a clear view of the flames and is perfect for allowing more welcoming warmth and light into the kitchen on drizzly days.

“Homeowners might also choose the ESSE 990 CH (central heating) model which can provide piping hot water and complete household warmth as well as delicious meals. With your own fuel supply, the energy-efficient 990 CH can virtually take you 'off the grid'; it can power several radiators and its impressive thermostatic control means that their temperature will be automatically “maintained.”


The New Generation of Esse Gas Stoves

Have you ever wanted the emotion of a wood burner but without the hassle of storing wood? Or a gas stove in your apartment but don’t have a chimney?

EESSE have now revolutionised the gas stove marketSSE have now revolutionised the gas stove market and are proud to introduce the most realistic 3D flame and log effect, in flued and flueless gas models.

The new flames are now available on all ESSE gas appliances and for added controllability every gas stove now comes with an option of a digital remote control. ESSE’s flagship gas appliances, the G500 Vista and the Ironheart Gas, can be easily mistaken for their real wood fuelled brothers.

The Ironheart is an 80% efficient cooking stove and offers traditional design combined with modern convenience and precision controllability. The G500 Vista is a new flued model that introduces the next generation of ESSE gas stoves with 72.2% efficiency.

Whereas the contemporary FG525 is a flueless option for the modern day apartment and has the freedom to be placed anywhere. These models come with an option of a digital remote control or manual as standard.