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Are Masonry and Slow Release Heat Stoves the Future 

The Masonry Heater or Slow heat release stove works in reverse to that of a conventional wood burning stove. 

Eco StoveThe Burn
With a conventional stove the technology has been developed to slow the rate of combustion down to try to increase the length of the burn and make the stove more economical with its fuel usage. This does have detrimental effects to the efficiency of the appliance and the release of unburnt combustibles into the chimney causing tar or creosote build-up. The Masonry Heater (slow heat release stove) is fired at its best and the heat is trapped within the thick material walls that provide the thermal mass. This heat is released much slower than steel or cast iron meaning the fire can go out and the material then be allowed to convey the heat. 

Heat retention
Steel and cast typically are cool again within 1 ½ hours after the fire has gone out. With this rapid release of heat a fire is necessary to make the stove effective at heating the area for longer periods of time. With more thermal mass and using the right materials the rate of heat loss can be slowed allowing up to 12 hours on our own Ecco Stove range of heat retention after the fire has gone out. 

Heat Distribution
From our own testing and combined external testing we have found that using the right materials you can not only distribute the heat over a larger area that conventional steel or cast iron but in a more balanced distribution. As the heat is release slower with our silicon carbide (stone) stoves the heat not only moves from room to room but cycles back to the stove, is warmed up and sent back around the home giving a home heating source from a single point.

 Balanced Heating

Conventional stoves are very efficient room heaters and can bring a room to a comfortable temperature in a short space of time. The problem arises when you try to heat more than the room that the stove is situated in (or by oversizing the stove to the room). The Heat will build in the initial room (to some 26-30°c) and struggle to raise the temperature of the surrounding rooms to greater than 15°c.

Due to the slow heat release we have discussed our own Ecco Stove typically heatsthe initial room the fire is within to a warm 21-24°c and the surrounding rooms only lose 1° per room the heat travels into. This means rather than going from an over hot room to a cool room you get a balanced transition of heat.

Eco Stove

By reducing the demand on central heaters and pumps we have a more affordable, simple to run, cheap to maintain and puts the owner in control of their heating costs by moving away from produced fuel. The technology is not new by any means and has lacked recognition in the UK but as we found the UK grow from open fires to the conventional stove perhaps we will now see the market shape to the masonry heater. 








The Benefits of Using a Thermal Mass Heater- 20/03/2017

The Benefits of using a thermal mass heater 1

The masonry heater is an age old concept going back hundreds of years in Scandinavia and Europe as well as the USA and Canada. The concept is simple, create a high combustion temperature for maximum efficiency then channel the waste gases through heat absorbent material to reduce wasted heat loss to the atmosphere. The heat is then stored in the material and then slowly released over a time period dependent on the retention properties of the material (The Silicon Carbide Ecco Stove ® E678 will still release 25% of its charged heat 12 hours after the fire has gone out).

One problem with the traditional stove is that to run it efficiently you can easily overwhelm the room that is situated in. Also once the fire has gone out the metal becomes cold in about an hour so it is necessary to keep a continual fire burning with a lower rate of oxygen, which also reduces the efficiency. Using thermal mass the stove can be fired hard storing a large portion of the heat into the mass rather than immediately releasing it.

This method of firing hard and slowly distributing through the mass can achieve very high efficiency rates. Our own EC645 model recently underwent EN15250 testing at 93% and although the average combustion chamber would be 900-1100°c the flue gas temperature leaving the stove was 110°c on average due to passing the gases through contraflow channels.

The benefits of this type of heating are high.

- Lower chimney maintenance requirements due to low emissions and reduced heat loss and condensation which can cause the chimney lining to break down give a longer life span to the flue system.

- As stone, Silicon Carbide, ceramics and similar heat retaining products release the heat over a longer period of time without overwhelming the room by the sudden and rapid change in temperature of the living space.

- A safer environment is created for pets and children due to the surface temperature of the heater being much lower than that of a steel or cast iron stove.

- High efficiency due to the concentrated, reflected heat within the combustion chamber. With much higher temperatures than conventional steel or cast iron stoves gasification is achieved faster for potentially carbon neutral emissions and more environmentally friendly operation.

- Reduced loading times due to stored heat. As the heat is gradually distributed from the thermal mass the fire does not need to be in constant operation ensuring the user can enjoy the heat without constant supervision.

- Having a stone / ceramic fire in your living space creates a more natural feel and becomes more of a part of the room and home. Often a masonry heater will become the heart of the home due to these characteristics and those who have used them are much less likely to revert to conventional products.

The Benefits of Using a Thermal Mass Heater 2The Ecco Stove ® has been in growing over the last 7 years and is rising fast as an alternative solution to the traditional stove by those looking to get more out of their fire. Manufactured in the UK and exported to Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, USA & Canada with certification for both EN13240 and EN15250 in Europe along with EPA exemption and the Washington and Colorado EPA parallel in America and also satisfying Din Plus in Germany (further testing listed on the website).

If you would like to find out more about thermal mass heating and further benefits they can provide you can go to the Ecco Stove ® website  - email or phone +44 1527 857814.  



Landy Vent’s Ecco Stove releases heat slowly through energy efficient heating; it creates consistent warmth for your entire home.

Landy Vents Ecco Stove is has up 88% efficiency and just 0.07% carbon productionWith up to 88% efficiency and just 0.07% carbon production, the Ecco Stove is the ultimate alternative to a traditional wood burning stove.

Our masonry heater provides an innovative and robust option to oil and gas central heating systems, and is regarded throughout the industry as the most efficient heater on the market.

The masonry heater is relatively unheard of in the UK and we want to change that to ensure homeowners across the country can take advantage of its energy efficient and money saving benefits. With a range of beautiful shapes and colour finishes available, the Ecco Stove will be an asset and a long term heating system for the future of your home.


 The Ecco Stove, A Case Study

A simple and natural renewable home heating solution burning wood logs.

The Client
In October 2014 after a response from a magazine advertisement in the national press we were called to a farmhouse in the Monmouthshire countryside. A most stunning, if not exposed property nestled into the hillsides overlooking the black mountains.

Chris & Rachel installed air source heat pumps two years prior to halve his heating costs from £3130 to £1775.Our prospective farmer client wanted a wood burning stove in his very spacious kitchen / sitting room area and had heard the Ecco Stove could heat much more than just this very large space without over heating the initial room.

The Task
The Object of the exercise was to heat from the kitchen / sitting room, through into the galleried hallway, across the hallway into the dining room and of course up the stairway into at least three of the six bedrooms.  The total area to heat was 240m²

The installation went ahead after a visit to our showrooms and workshops, the preferred colour match and the E730 oval Ecco Stove chosen. (Charcoal body with grey fittings)

The Execution" We expect the E730 stove to have paid for itself in 3 years".

The stove was built onsite within an hour and our clients (Chris & Rachel) own Hetas engineer installed the twin wall flue on the same day, the stove was fired up and left gently running. Mild weather followed for the next two weeks with no reports back of performance or success. The weather turned and the phone calls started – every two days.

Our customer was achieving not only the heating in the areas we had quoted for 240m², but actually the conservatory, corridor and the other bedrooms.( a total of 330m²) This was a 37% larger area than we had quoted.

Chris & Rachel installed air source heat pumps two years prior to halve his heating costs from £3130 to £1775. Bearing in mind he initially only wanted a wood burning stove to heat his large kitchen/sitting room area, he has managed to halve his heat pump running costs as well, from £1775 to £976. So pleased with the home heating contribution his E730 has made, He has since installed our largest model, the Ecco Stove E850 in his barn / workshops. We expect the E730 stove to have paid for itself in 3 years.


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