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Docherty Group – Hearth & Home preview

When hearing the words “Docherty Group”, the first thing that comes to Docherty Group H&H preview 2mind is flues and chimneys. Since its foundation in 1960, the company has established itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality flue and chimney systems.

Times are changing as Docherty are evolving and looking at extending their product range in biomass boilers, stoves and also a greater range of renewable solutions which in time will include Heat pumps, hybrid solutions and multi-fuel options and thus becoming a full range supplier of heating appliances.

The company intend to ensure the Docherty customer has a product range that suits their needs regardless of their market. Docherty Group have already established key strategic relationships with suppliers to ensure product development and availability is tailored to its UK customer base.

Docherty Group – Hearth & Home preview 3Docherty Group will look very different this year at Hearth & Home with a strategic emphasis being placed on routes for the solid fuel engineer to become involved in growing markets in oil and also renewables. Docherty Group is ideally situated to achieve this with its range of products and services. Surefire Training also plays a strategic role for the Docherty Customer preparing transition routes and qualifications to encourage and allow solid fuel engineers to diversify into renewables and greater heating markets.

Docherty Group will be displaying a new range of wood burning stoves which have been co-created with their manufacturing partner at this year’s Hearth & Home exhibition. These stoves will be Docherty branded and be a premium quality stoves range, contemporary in design and using the highest quality components. The prices on this range compared to the competition are extremely competitive with a 5 years warranty and next day delivery and spares carried in the UK.

Docherty will also be launching a second own brand of stoves which are aimed at the mid-range market, these will be branded as the StovAmore

Jed Smith, Product Manager at Docherty, stated “These are exciting times not just for Docherty Group and our staff but also for the solid fuel engineer, andour customers. The flue industry is a tough sector, to evolve and diversification ensures we can remain at the top of the market, matching needs and heating solutions with flue and chimney systems on behalf of our customers”. Jed also went on to state “Docherty Group will be introducing more stoves and innovative designs over the next 12 months, these will include biomass pellet inserts, stoves and boilers that will complement our existing Lasian Boiler Docherty Group H&H previewrange which has recently been approved and updated for the UK market place and installer”. 

Docherty Group are making a statement of intent with the new products and the ongoing commitment to improve designs and the strategic relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. The group will be encouraging market feedback and input and will be approaching its customer base in innovative ways moving forward to co-create products and services and ensure the customers feel they are being listened to. The aim is to ensure Docherty products and services are always tailored to the customer’s needs, both old and new.

Wondering what's coming in the months ahead from Docherty? Visit them on stand B35 at this year’s Hearth & Home exhibition to find out.