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Wherever you go across the country, you'll find Dimplex heating and hot water solutions. From flats and houses, to offices, shops and hotels - in its field, Dimplex leads the world. With a heritage of more than 60 years and a product offering of more than 600 products, our growth can be attributed to a public who want affordable heating solutions that are efficient, reliable and durable, as well as attractively designed. This combined with an unmatched reputation for quality, reliability, unrivalled experience and innovation is why we remain the brand leader in the electric space and water heating world.

A critical aspect of our success is built upon a policy of continuous investment in every area of the business - from product development right through to customer service.

No one else in the industry invests more in developing products that constantly set new standards, with a central design facility and research teams at factories in the UK and Europe. Our investment in people, training and resources is reflected in the quality of our products and the standard of our pre and post sales service. As part of our commitment to product quality, we also apply stringent controls to every part of our manufacturing process and are ISO 9002 approved.
As members of key industry associations including ECA, EDA, BEAMA and HEVAC and with many BEAB approved products, Dimplex is unrivalled in quality and safety expertise across its wide range of products.


Latest Products

Dimplex Extends Opti-Myst Inset Range

Dimplex Extends Opti Myst inset rangeDimplex is giving retailers another option in its vast range of Opti-myst electric fires with the launch of the new Crestmore, a traditional look inset fire.

Unveiled at Hearth & Home earlier this year, the Dimplex Crestmore combines a stylish brass effect fret with electronic display, advanced touch sensing controls and the innovative Opti-myst ‘flames’ and ‘smoke’ technology.

Like the accompanying Penngrove model which is available in contemporary chrome, this inset design is compliant with the upcoming Lot 20 legilsation and comes with 2kW heater with choice of two heat settings, thermostat and remote control.

Joanthan Smith, product marketing manager for Dimplex, said: “The brass effect with black trim gives a classic feel to this inset design which we know will really appeal to home owners.

“With unbeatable realism, the Opti-myst flame effect continues to add value for retailers and  we are delighted to be able to demonstrate our commitment to supporting our retailer partners with the launch of another model which will not be available to high street multiple retailers and sheds.”

The new Dimplex Crestmore measures 615mm H x 465mm W x 196mm D and is part of the Dimplex Display & Demonstrate collection, available exclusively to retailers with showroom premises.

Enhanced Effect for Dimplex SP16 Wall Fire

Dimplex has updated its SP16 Optiflame wall fire with a series of enhanced effects to add value for retailers.

The popular SP16 model now includes a new flame picture and brighter fuel bed for enhanced visual appeal, together with high efficiency LED bulbs that offer eight hours usage for just 1p. Dimplex has also added a controllable top light to further improve the flame effect.

The SP16 offers a stylish black finish and 2kW fan heater, together with remote control for on/off, and flame effect light levels. For extra design appeal, the chassis can be inset so that only the frame protrudes from the wall.

Jonathan Smith, product manager at Dimplex, said: “Wall fires are undoubtedly the growth category in electric fires at the moment, up by an astonishing 45% volume and 54% value in the high street last year according to GFK and Dimplex models like the SP16 give independent retailers a chance to tap into that growing demand.

“We have taken an existing, popular model in a growth category and made a series of improvements, and we are confident that retailers will benefit. The enhanced effects on the SP16 deliver an improved flame picture, while the LED bulbs have over 50,000 hours of life, so they will never need replacing.”

Enhanced Effects for Dimplex Sp16 Wall Fire



Latest News

New Dimplex Website: Electric Fires Leaders
Dimplex has launched its new website, packed New Dimplex Website Electric Fires Leaderswith product details, sector guides and technical information to support retailers when selling Dimplex electric fires.

With professional and consumer-facing content sitting side-by-side, the new Dimplex site is believed to be the most comprehensive collection of electric heating resources available to the industry.
Alongside product details for the entire Dimplex electric fires range, Dimplex offers support, advice and installation guides for retailers.

Gary Marshall, content manager for Dimplex, said: “This new website is the result of a long and thorough process to collate all of the technical know-how and valuable installation experience from across the Dimplex business, and combine it with our extensive portfolio of products. Never before has so much information on electric fires been offered on one concise, easy-to-use platform that will continue to grow and evolve.

“And with a new consumer-facing website too, we have provided a resource to which you can point your own customers.”
Visit the site at www.dimplex.co.uk


How Dimplex & Artisan Fireplace Design partnership is driving successHow Dimplex Artisan Fireplace Design partnership is driving success
According to Sue Malthouse, managing director at Artisan Fireplace Design, the best retailer-manufacturer relationships are the ones that work both ways.

With Europe’s largest fireplace showroom boasting more than 550 displays in an old silk mill in Brighouse, Artisan Fireplace Design has been heating Yorkshire’s homes for more than 30 years. The impressive showroom is set over three floors, showcasing a wide range of electric, gas and solid fuel stoves and fires, plus accessories.

With something for every home, much of its success is down to the service delivered to customers, and a reputation forged over more than three decades. Customer relationships are vital, of course, but they are not the only important relationships built by the retailer. Managing director Sue Malthouse says links with manufacturers such as Dimplex have been critical to its continued success.

Artisan Fireplace Design Ltd is one of a select group of Dimplex Premier Retailers, taking advantage of enhanced support from the leading electric fires brand that spans website, social media, point of sale (POS) and other marketing activities. The scheme, which offers priority listing on Dimplex’s website and an individual page for all participating retailers, recognises the showroom support given by retailers, who must display a total of seven Dimplex fires across the Opti-myst and Optiflame ranges to be included.

How-Dimplex--Artisan-Fireplace-Design-partnership-is driving successSue Malthouse says it is just one of the ways in which the retailer and manufacturer can benefit from mutual support, to benefit both brands.

She said: “We have a whole floor dedicated to electric appliances only and this includes up to 40 Dimplex products on display. We are delighted to display and support the Dimplex brand, with most of the range on display including the Opti-myst cassette 1000, Opti-myst chassis 600 and the large landscape Opti-V PGF20 as an entrance feature.
“Of course the marketing and website support we get as part of the Dimplex Premier Retailer scheme is a benefit to us, but like any good partnership, it works well because we offer mutual support.

“We’ve seen the way in which Dimplex actively promotes products across its social media channels and we’ve been able to engage with this on our own Facebook and Twitter pages to our advantage. We regularly promote the products in regional TV campaigns and in quality newspapers and we’ve also put significant investment into the showroom to show off the products to their very best - even designing bespoke fireplaces to house the fires.

“We have a strong relationship with Dimplex and are proud to be Yorkshire’s premiere dealer for their fine products. Dimplex has a dedicated after sales team, who are swift to attend to our customers’ needs when it is needed.”

Spotting trends

Part of the success of any retailer, of course, is being able to identify changes in customer demand – and deliver the products needed to meet those changing demands.

Sue Malthouse adds that Dimplex’s commitment to new product development, supported by the manufacturer’s own in-house research and development and product design facilities, has been another benefit over the course of many years.
She adds: “Dimplex is always once step ahead with its new effects, incomparable from others, hence the runaway success of their whole range.

“We are seeing a trend towards the larger cassette type fires, with more people looking for a real statement fire, and Dimplex offers some perfect solutions with its Opti-V and Opti-myst cassette models. Of course, the traditional range is consistently popular too.”

Supporting retailersHow Dimplex Artisan Fireplace Design partnership is driving success
Mike James, sales director, independent retail from Dimplex, said: “The Premier Retailer scheme was set up to recognise and reward those retailers who support the Dimplex brand, giving something back to help those retailers drive footfall and encourage sales.

“The website support is particularly valuable because of the numbers we are able to generate thanks to significant marketing investment, including national advertising. This year’s vibrant national press advertising campaign for the Opti-myst 3D electric flame and smoke effect, for example, reached an estimated 9.5 million consumers and we had more than 3.7 million page views on the Dimplex fires website as a result of last year’s campaign.

“Website visitors are encouraged to find their local retailer in order to purchase our fires and it goes without saying that the Premier Retailers, which have the largest selection of Dimplex fires, are the most appealing showrooms to visit.”
To become a Dimplex Premier Retailer, retailers must display a minimum of three Dimplex Opti-myst fires and four Dimplex Optiflame fires. For more information contact your local Dimplex sales representative.

Bringing the Opti-myst to Life with Video

Dimplex has launched two new videos to further increase awareness of its Opti-myst range, as part of a package of consumer marketing activity to support retailers.

The videos are designed to bring the effect to life by showcasing the beauty and realism of Dimplex Opti-myst. One offers close-up footage of the unique 3D effect, while the other focuses on what consumers think of Opti-myst, featuring the reaction of consumers when they were introduced to the effect for the first time.

Both videos are hosted on YouTube, giving retailers the opportunity to link easily from their own website to let their customers appreciate the realism of the effect. Simply follow the links above or visit www.youtube.com/dimplexinfo and look for videos 18 and 19 in the Opti-myst playlist.

Dimplex has also launched a national consumer advertising campaign promoting one of the videos through Facebook and other social media, as well as adverts in a series of Sunday newspaper supplements and home interest magazines.

All activity has been specifically designed to support retailers by driving people to the Dimplex website, where they can find their local stockist and more details about individual Opti-myst products.

Karen Trewick, director of communications for Dimplex, said: “Dimplex Opti-myst offers the beauty of a real fire with the simplicity of electric. With a wide range of products covering inset, wall-mounted and stove designs, it’s no surprise demand for this range continues to grow year on year.

“We already have a large volume of traffic to the Dimplex fires website, with more than four million page views each year, and this latest activity will further increase awareness of the effect and ultimately where customers can buy it.”



Making the Most of Greener Energy Upgrades

Chris Stammers from Dimplex offers readers advice on making the most of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund - a government cashback incentive available to homeowners making energy efficient improvements to their property.

Quantum uses low-cost, off-peak energy, making it the most economical electric heating system on the market today.“Making the switch to greener, more energy efficient heating is now proving much easier thanks to the government’s Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF). “The incentive offers homeowners cashback for energy saving improvements made to their home up to £5,600, so it’s certainly worth considering changes you could make to your heating system.

“Homeowners can benefit from up to £1,000 for any two energy saving improvements made from a selection of 12 eligible options, including fan-assisted storage heaters, like the Dimplex Quantum off-peak heater. They could also receive up to a £100 refund on the compulsory Green Deal Assessment Report. Plus, an additional £500 is available for anyone who has bought a home in the last 12 months.

“The scheme is open to homeowners in England and Wales who want to save money on their bills by increasing the energy efficiency of the home.”

For more information visit www.gov.uk/green-deal-energy-saving-measures/overview.


Dimplex Quantum off-peak heater

Chris StammersQuantum can save you money, providing low-cost, fully controllable heat on demand. It’s the perfect replacement for outdated storage heating systems and is eligible under the GDHIF.

Quantum uses low-cost, off-peak energy, making it the most economical electric heating system on the market today. Quantum stores this energy during periods of low demand, turning it into cost-effective and efficient heat only when it’s needed – whatever the time of day or night.

The most advanced electric space heater on the market, Quantum is up to 27% cheaper to run and uses up to 22% less energy than a standard storage heater system – and importantly, it is eligible under the GDHIF.

It is fully controllable with an easy to use iQ controller so you can pre-set your heating requirements – just like central heating. What’s more, it offers a stylish and compact design with a 10 year warranty.


Dimplex Identifies Private Ownership as Key to ECO Extension Benefits

Dimplex Identifies Private Ownership as Key to ECO Extension Benefits 1Homeowners and private tenants living in electrically heated homes will be amongst the biggest winners following the extension of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, according to Dimplex. In its response to the ECO: Help to Heat Consultation, the BEIS confirmed it will limit the number of boiler installations eligible through the ECO scheme to 25,000 and increase Affordable Warmth as a proportion of the overall scheme from 36% to 70% of estimated supplier spend.

Under its Affordable Warmth Obligation, the means-tested ECO scheme uses funding from energy suppliers to offer heating and insulation improvements for low-income and vulnerable households. It has been well received since it was first launched in 2013 but despite changes to the ‘scoring’ system, disproportionately fewer homes heated by electric have been awarded funding to date.

By directly tackling fuel poverty, these latest changes will offer extra support for those living with inefficient electric heating systems in owner-occupied and privately rented properties, Dimplex says. Chris Stammers, product marketing director for Dimplex, said: “There are some very encouraging signs in the Government’s response, especially for those in the private rental sector, which has grown enormously in recent years and now has the highest proportion of fuel poor households of any tenure. “Around 13% of private rented homes are electrically heated, compared to a national average of just 8%, and due to a combination of factors, including poor heating system specification and a lack of investment from landlords, many of those tenants are paying more than they need to heat their homes. “From 2018 all privately rented properties must have a minimum EPC Rating of ‘E’ and with this extension of the ECO scheme, energy suppliers will be forced to look at the private rental sector.

“The Government has recognised that ECO was not doing enough for those people living in fuel poverty that do not have a gas boiler and by limiting the number of boiler installations, it is making sure that money will have to spent elsewhere.
“These changes, together with the continued development of energy efficient electric heating solutions like the Dimplex Quantum off-peak system, will it relatively easy for landlords to increase the energy performance of a property by one whole band by upgrading their electric heating system. And with legislation looming, now is the time to take advantage.”
It is a different picture for the social housing sector, however, where heating system upgrades will not be eligible for installation under Affordable Warmth if there has previously been central heating, district heating or electrical storage heating in place.

Chris Stammers adds: “We are disappointed that for non-gas heated properties, social landlords are not eligible to take advantage of ECO to fund heating upgrades. This is despite the fact that there remains a large proportion of fuel poor households living in electrically heated social housing, relying on outdated storage heaters.
“The Government says it expects such upgrades to be carried out as part of social landlords’ duty to provide tenants with a functioning heating system – but we all know there’s a big difference between a ‘functioning’ heating system and one which can deliver improved comfort, enhanced control and lower running costs, particularly for elderly and vulnerable tenants living in fuel poverty.”