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Good design is intrinsic to every Chesney’s product. Their period fireplaces are exact copies of antique originals whilst our contemporary fireplaces include the work of leading designers to reflect current trends in interior design. Their heating appliances recognise the need to combine aesthetically pleasing design with the latest energy efficient and climate friendly technology.

Outstanding craftsmanship means using traditional techniques in our manufacturing whether hand carving a marble chimneypiece or forging steel on a blacksmith’s anvil. These are labour intensive and highly skilled processes for which there is no substitute.

Intelligent engineering is a hallmark of Chesney’s products in recent years. The company has developed a range of wood burning stoves and energy efficient gas fires which have received widespread acclaim and product design awards. These products have all been developed at Chesney’s in-house research and development facility where a team of engineers are permanently based.

Chesney’s prides itself on its innovation, which has enabled the company to diversify into related product fields and to lead the market in product design. Every year sees the launch of a new collection of products which rapidly become the benchmark to which others in the heating industry aspire.

Finally, and most importantly, Chesney’s aims to provide the best possible service to its customers, an aspiration which is embraced and fostered throughout the company.