Brilliant Fires

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Based in the North West of England, Brilliant is a design led company specialising in the manufacture of gas and electric fireplaces.

Now in our third decade, the Brilliant name has become synonymous with market leading design and manufacturing quality. Uniquely, we also make all our ceramic fuel sets in-house and invented the original pebble fire in 1998.

Working in partnership with DuPont, we developed the use of Corian as a fireplace material and have an exclusivity agreement with DuPont for the use of Corian in fireplace design and manufacture. Launched in May 2000, the Slab fire was the first Corian fireplace and has become an iconic design.

We have also had, since 1984, an association with DRU, the leading Dutch gas fire and stove manufacturer and we now make a comprehensive range of Corian fireplace designs for use with their fires.