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Arada Extend The Popular i Series Range of Stoves

Arada have extended their popular i Series range of stoves with the introduction of four new products.

Following on from the release of the Aarrow i400F Tall last year, the Devon based stove manufacturer has extended the i400 Freestanding collection to include two additional models. Now available in a choice of three heights- short, mid and tall, the i400F still maintains its cool and contemporary appearance and impressive controllability alongside DEFRA exemption for the UK’s smoke control areas.

With a sleek body, large glass viewing window and convector jacket for increased heat distribution, the i400 freestanding range offers the ultimate in modern stove technology. The mid and tall models even feature an integrated log store, Arada I Series Range of Stovesremoving the need for a log basket.

Additionally, Arada have introduced the i600 Slimline Freestanding stove range.

Whilst featuring a slim, compact stove body and 5kW output, these stoves still have an enormous viewing glass and a wide stylish door offering a full view of their flames.

Available in short and mid heights, these brand new stoves combine cutting-edge technology and direct air compatibility with ease of use and modern controls.

The i600SLF range are also pending DEFRA exemption and will soon be suitable for the UK’s smoke control areas.

All Arada i Series freestanding stoves come in a choice of grey or black with a range of coloured door options to co-ordinate with your home décor.



Stratford EB25HE

Arada is delighted to announce the launch of its highest output Stratford Ecoboiler Stove.

The much anticipated EB25HE boiler stove offers a staggering 25kW to water when burning solid fuel, and 20kW to water when burning wood. The brand new EB25HE boiler follows the compact, space saving design of our other Stratford Ecoboiler models, with measurements of only 725mm (h) x 678mm (w) x 498mm (d), whilst offering over 70% efficiencies. With a large curved fire door glass and soft curved lines, the EB25HE is an attractive feature in any home and a pleasure to live with.

Stratford Ecoboiler HE stoves offer your customers a truly economical, reliable and sustainable biomass option for individuals wanting to use wood or solid fuel as an alternative to oil and gas to heat their homes. The Ecoboiler range of stoves can provide all their home heating, and when installed with a thermal store can be used to heat their homes the way they want using traditional radiators, under floor heating and thermal skirting. Your customers can rest assured in a Stratford Ecoboiler's warm glow, knowing that this beautiful stove is not only heating the whole home and hot water, but also helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

Arada Stratford



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Smoke Control Exemption for i Series Stoves

We are proud to announce that Arada have received smoke control exemption for our range of contemporary i Series stoves.

Under the Fireplace exempted provision of the Clean Air Act section 20, 2014, This smoke control exemption now applies to the i400, i400T, i400F, i500, i600 and i750.this smoke control exemption now applies to the i400, i400T, i400F, i500, i600 and i750. These stoves extend our current DEFRA exempt stove range. This approval to not only burn wood in a smoke control area, but to give the end-user full control of this process demonstrates the strong in-house capabilities of our UK based technical and design team.

Unlike many competitors, Arada stoves are built specifically with each market in mind, ensuring that a design matches the needs and conditions of that market. This means that our products retain all their functionality including retaining full control of the primary, secondary and tertiary air systems without resorting to clumsy, quick fixes.

Controlling the heat output of an appliance is vital to the consumer, whilst also protecting the environment. These two things are not mutually exclusive and can be found in our range of DEFRA stoves. The DEFRA exemption of our i Series stoves is also extremely important in elevating our product above the competition in terms of performance whilst greatly increasing the areas of the UK where these stoves can be sold and installed.

Exemption approval not only demonstrates the enormous design capability at Arada, but also the high level of skill and workmanship shown by our manufacturing and assembly teams responsible for the building of all Arada stove products at our purpose-built factory in Devon.

We are proud that all parts of our design, technical research and development, fabrication and the delivery of our stoves is carried out solely in the UK and nowhere else. Our stoves are even tested in the UK so you can be assured that all our products meet not only CE certification, but also conform to all UK building regulations.