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fireplace and home decor

There is nothing which compares to the warm, crackling, glow from a fireplace or stove, set in the heart of your home to help create that welcoming, relaxed and contented or even romantic, atmosphere for you, your family and friends to enjoy.  The installation of a carefully selected fireplace, will not only alter the way you use the space within your home by increasing the aesthetic and atmospheric appeal of a room but change the way you gain pleasure from your family and friends. The addition of a fireplace will add a major boost to the attractiveness of your home potentially adding value to your property.

Whether you are restoring your home  to its former splendour by opening up a long ago boarded up fireplace or giving a facelift to the original fire surround and hearth of an old Victorian or Edwardian terrace, a  grander period style property, a humble cottage or seeking to introduce  a sense of  character or a much needed focal point to a more modern build there will be a fireplace that meets your needs. Be it in a traditional or contemporary style of property there are fireplaces to suit your lifestyle and to help you create the home you really want to live in and enjoy.    

Installing or renovating a fireplace offers you the opportunity to add an atmosphere of elegance, character, and sumptuousness to your home that surpasses any other form of heating.  Before investing the effort, time and money in a fireplace, there are a number of fundamental questions that you need to ask yourself and may need to seek professional advice.  You need to decide what overall design effect you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to enhance an already established interior design introduce a new look and atmosphere, traditional or contemporary to your home. Is the installation of the fire or stove primarily to provide an economic efficient heat source as a way of helping to combat ever rising heating bills or as a secondary source of additional heat where the design out ways the importance of heat output.  Do you require a stove or fire to provide hot water or run a number of radiators via a back boiler. What fuel sources are available, out of those which are available which suits your lifestyle best.  There is little point installing a huge multi fuel stove in a small living space where the heat generated is overpowering and makes the room or stove unusable or conversely installing a fire which is woefully inadequate either as a primary or supplementary source of heat to heat the room to a comfortable temperature.  For help calculating the heat output you require see the accompanying article How to Calculate your BTU Needs  Do you have a chimney? Is that chimney in a serviceable condition, although saying that do not despair if there is not a chimney as a balanced flue can be installed to exterior walls or there are plenty of options of gas, electric and gel fires which do not require a flu or chimney which can go a long way to help you to fulfil your wish to create the comfortable home you’ve always wanted. For more information on chimney types and their suitabilty to the different types of fire see article I don't know, I'm Flueless... and other articles under the Chimney Theme on the Informatice and Blog  Contents Page 

Once you’ve decided which type of fire or stove you want and what is practical for your home and lifestyle there are many beautifully designed mantelpieces, hearths and fire surrounds crafted from traditional materials such as stone, marble and wood with their distinctive colour variations, veining, fossils, knots and grains which makes each crafted fireplace unique and individual to you and your home.  Cast iron mantelpieces, hearths and fire surrounds with the option of additional tiles can greatly enhance the appearance of any fireplace.  Whilst stone and marble, mantle, hearths and fire surrounds tend to give a room a natural feel and although often associated with a classical Georgian era look there are many modern sleek stone fire designs available ranging from those possessing an elegance underlying the art nouveau movement to the more avant-garde contemporary designs. Limestone, with its matt finish particularly lends itself to complement the most modern of living spaces.   Cast iron fireplaces and surrounds are associated with Victorian or Edwardian architecture. In common with their stone and marble cousins there are many traditional and contemporary cast iron or ultra modern steel finishes and designs to choose from with the character to enrich the most traditional, modernist or minimalist of homes.   Wooden mantels and fire surrounds are available in a variety of woods ranging from pine, mahogany, and oak and at the more modest end of the market readymade veneer products. Whilst pine fire surrounds are ideal for giving your property a country cottage feel the darker harder woods in particular oak are becoming increasingly popular whether crafted in a traditional or more contemporary style. Green oak mantel beams are an ideal way to finish off a hole in wall or inglenook fire place whether fitted with a stove or fire.

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By Phil Cleaver


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