Woodsure’s Calls for Quality Woodfuel Sweeps the Nation

This Autumn, Woodsure is starting a campaign to ensure Woodsure’s Calls for Quality Woodfuel Sweeps the Nation 1wood-burning stoves and chimneys are being used in the most efficient way by engaging the communication skills of chimney sweeps across the UK.  Woodsure hopes chimney sweeps will spread the message that quality woodfuel can not only benefit the customer’s appliance, but also their pocket and the environment. (Find out more about Woodsure here on fireplace.co.uk)

Woodsure’s Calls for Quality Woodfuel Sweeps the Nation 2Engaging with customers daily, chimney sweeps are the ideal ambassadors for the campaign for quality woodfuel.  Woodsure is keen to show consumers how using Woodsure approved woodfuel improves the burning efficiency of stoves and boilers and ensures a smooth running appliance, which in turn improves the condition of customers’ chimneys. As a result, it can also help to reduce the risk of chimney fires.

By talking to customers about the benefits of using Woodsure approved woodfuel, sweeps can enhance their commercial reputation by showcasing their expertise, potentially leading to repeat business and referrals. It is recommended by HETAS that chimneys are swept twice a year to maintain efficiency.

Helen Bentley-Fox, Director of Woodsure said, “Regular sweeping of chimneys helps reduce the damage caused by deposit build up in the flue, which is exaggerated by burning poor quality fuel. As chimney sweeps are in front of consumers every day there is no one better placed to communicate this message and the importance of having an efficient wood-burning appliance. We’re asking sweeps to help pass on the message about using the right quality fuel for appliances to their customers. Giving this informed advice to customers will not only help to ensure the appliance is performing at its best for the benefit of homeowner’s pocket, but also help prevent against chimney fires and reduce the amount of harmful particles being released into the atmosphere. Ultimately, this can only set to enhance a sweep’s professional reputation and secure repeat business.”

Woodsure approved woodfuel also goes some way to helping the Clean Air Act’s control of emissions and harmful Woodsure’s Calls for Quality Woodfuel Sweeps the Nation 2pollutants into the environment. Waste wood or ineffectively processed woodfuel simply doesn’t offer a carbon neutral energy source. The quality of woodfuel can be compromised by incorrect moisture content, high ash content and even soil or stones. Poor quality or inappropriate fuel affects the efficiency of wood burning appliances, whereas the correct quality will maintain efficiency and minimise the release of emissions through products of combustion. “By making responsible choices about fuel quality and the woodland it’s sourced from, we can all play our part in securing its future and reducing carbon emissions,” Helen adds. Renewable energy has been high on the political agenda resulting in increased consumer awareness around woodfuel quality, as many Woodsure suppliers have noted. One such supplier, James Little of Verdo Renewables comments, “People have become much more interested in making conscious, sustainable decisions when it comes to heating their properties. Renewable energy is now an unstoppable force and so we need bodies like Woodsure to ensure the industry will be able to develop sustainability.”

Since the Woodsure scheme was introduced, it has boosted industry confidence, reduced boiler and stove damage and is helping to protect UK air quality from pollutants caused by poor quality fuel.

The Woodsure scheme undertakes rigorous testing and assessment on producers and suppliers of woodfuel to ensure they meet the correct standards in line with recognised international standards. Woodsure recommends that chimney sweeping is best carried out by a HETAS Approved Chimney Sweep. HETAS provides induction, training and assessment procedures for registered trade associations; The Association of Professional and Independent Chimney Sweeps (APICS), The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps and The National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS).



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