Why Does Inspiration Matter?

Each month and year we are lucky enough to go to events that inspire us. Listening Why does inspiration matter 1to great business men and women speak about their journeys, their successes and challenges, is always a great way to remember our reasons for being who we are, doing what we do.  When we know our “why” and remember our purpose, it is often this that can help us overcome challenges and work through any difficulties.

It’s interesting to observe how different people view success, and what it means to them. One woman at an event we attended some time ago said she didn’t pay herself a lot, she needed very little and hers had clearly been a lifestyle business for many years. This has changed in recent years with more aggressive growth plans, but she’s clearly not doing it for the money, instead for a passion for her industry and no doubt the day to day pleasure that her job gives her.

Another woman spoke about the years of building relationships and how this had served her well. She has a very successful business, driven by ambition and hard work yes, but mainly driven by her passion for people, for building relationships that she values.

What’s really interesting is that very often no one mentions a desire for money. No one talks about fancy cars, a big bank balance, or how much they earned. We all need money of course, for choices and the options to do things we love, to spend time with people we love. Because time is all there is at the end of it, time to do the things that give us pleasure. And these events we attend are just that, pure pleasure and inspiration. The people who speak talk about pleasure, about passion, about hard work too, but about spending time doing things they love.

Why Does Inspiration Matter? 2Thanks to books and the digital age, we can get our inspiration from everywhere, we can be ourselves and make our own choices. We love Richard Branson, as a great example of someone who follows his own path, his own instinct, who is utterly himself and a man of adventure.

For us, working with our customers, getting stuck into their businesses (we’re quite nosey once we get going), is an absolute passion, as is developing our relationships with them, finding out what makes them, and their industry tick. We’re business mums, so we are family and people oriented, and we’re very lucky to do what we love each and every day, in one way or another. There’s no work and home these days, just life, and we love it. Whether we’re on a path together or not, we love hearing about everyone’s journeys, because they inspire our own.

Food for thought – when we are aware of what really inspires us, we can include a little of it in each of our days, helping us stay in the flow, love what we’re doing and enjoy life and work to the fullest potential.

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