Why Do Sales People Lie?

I went to a lunch today with a good friend and colleague of ours, Ian Northcott BEM Julia Smithhttps://twitter.com/buskingbobby who runs the super cool charity Socks and Chocs, helping homeless people.  (If you like helping others check him out on twitter and see what they’re up to).

We were talking about how people sell to us, and how we had both experienced the same approach recently. One I’m sure you’re all too familiar with! (Find out why authenticy in sales)

The caller starts out by offering you something, with no mention of sales or money…..it all sounds pretty good, and then it all becomes clear, after quite some time, that in fact, this is a sales call, in fact there is money to be spent.

Both of us wholeheartedly agreed that we much prefer people to be direct, to ask us, or tell us, what they want, up front.  When done the other way, it simply creates barriers that needn’t be there. Instead of switching us on, it switches us off . Unfortunately for sales people, this approach is what also gives said sales people a bad name!  Sales can be a dirty word in many quarters, and it’s not surprising when these tactics are employed. (Also find out "Why a sales script has no place in selling…")

Life is short 1When you’re selling, be it face to face, or over the telephone, honesty is always the best policy.  Say it how it is, ask for what you want.  If you can’t help the person, or if they don’t want what you’ve got, move on.  Trying to sneak your way in to a sale, is not helpful.  Be up front, and direct.  It makes things so much easier.

As I have mentioned Socks and Chocs, I’d like to share with you their idea to help homeless people coming up to Christmas.  At the office, instead of giving a card, give a pair of socks that can then be donated to Socks and Chocs afterwards.  These socks are distributed to homeless centres and charities all over the country, helping those most in need.  You could also, as we did one year, not send your customers Christmas cards, and spend the money on socks n chocs instead.  As Ian says, a lot of people doing a little is better than a few doing a lot!

If you’d like to help take a look here https://www.facebook.com/sockschocs/?fref=ts

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