Why a sales script has no place in selling…

Everyone says they hate those cold calls where someone’s reading from a script. I Why a Sales Scriptdon’t know anyone who says any different, but somewhere out there, there are companies, training their sales people to use scripts. Which means someone has taken the decision that this is a good way forward. Why? We understand how challenging it can be to manage teams of sales people, teams of any people for that matter, to drive processes forward, to all work towards a common aim,  to all know what’s happening and learn about new products and services.So, bing, let’s use a script, right?  Wrong.

A script is fine if it is used to learn, prior to calls taking place. A script has a place in educating our teams, in helping them understand all there is to know about theproduct or service they’re selling, but it has absolutely no place once telephone calls commence. I am the recent recipient of one such sales call, script in place, and whilst the caller in question seemed very nice, and helpful, and was actually telling me about something I wanted to know about, when I asked a question, he stuck rigidly to his script.  He didn’t answer my question, which was a buying signal, and he also didn’t do the important job of showing he was listening to me in order to begin to build trust. It's such a shame when this happens, as I wasn't able to see or feel the real person, or connect with him properly.

Listening and building trust are not gimmicks, or games.  These are serious and important elements of any sales call.  Cre8 believe that we need to be genuinely engaged in these areas when speaking with people, in order to be successful in our pursuits.  If people buy people, I’m not buying this guy, as nice as he was, because he was in me mode.  He was out to sell to me and it was obvious that this was his ultimate prize.  Some people may say, well, that’s everyone’s ultimate prize. But I’m not sure about that.  If you make your ultimate prize being a go giver, instead of a go getter, then all the prizes arrive, with a lot less stress and a deal more pleasure.Why a sales script has no place in selling

We all know the saying “What goes around comes around”.  If you’re reading from a script, or training staff to do this, in all good intentions, it may be worth considering a different approach. Selling naturally as we like to call it, having real conversations, being a real person, helping others.  This is the approach that removes barriers, lets people connect and do business more easily. Happy selling!

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