Where do your prospects hang out?

This morning I was speaking with a colleague, who also runs a lead generation Where do your propects hang outbusiness.  We were discussing the fact that there are often barriers in certain forms of communication when you’re targeting new business.  Many companies for example, will register with the Telephone Preference Service, or TPS for short, so that they do not receive cold calls.  What do you do then?  We’d say, move on to someone else. A bit like letting go of No’s and moving on to Yes’s; if someone doesn’t want to take your call, you’re better off spending your energy on someone who will. So, TPS registered, and the phone is one avenue you can’t use to target that company.

Other companies have pretty intense spam filters, so any email marketing you send is monitored and can be bounced even after it’s been read! Bang goes your e-shot to that target. About half of the people who are on LinkedIn don’t use it, meaning profiles are out of date, so if you’re contacting the Head of Sales for XXX, he could turn out to be the new VP of Sales for XXXPY, in the US!  LinkedIn suddenly isn’t the right tool for this one.

Where do your prospects hang out 2The point is, through research – some desk (meaning using Google, social media etc), and some telephone research – phoning and asking for people and their emails, you can begin to establish the best channel with which to target the person or company you wish to do business with.  We always advocate having 5-10 of these channels in your sales and marketing strategy, because as you can see, if you’re relying on 1 or 2, you’re likely to have a fair few of your targets become unavailable to you via those routes.

Establish where your audience (prospects) hang out, and make sure you are there, using those methods, to get in touch.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor were sales, so you need a bit of legwork to establish these routes, but legwork is always worth it J

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