What Are Pellets?

People keep asking us "what are pellets"? Pellets are not a "new fangled" idea but haveWhat Are Pellets? 1 been in production for more than 100 years. Those of us who grew up around farms remember them as 1 animal bedding and 2 horse nuts-made using the same machines as wood pellets.

Pellets come in a variety of forms using a variety of raw materials but are predominantly made from wood. Straw, miscanthus, hemp and corn stalks are a other crops used. Due to their being compressed and the lignin released they are easy to store, handle and feed into boilers and burners. (Find out how to Use Wood as a Fuel Source)

By the time this is released we will be fully BSL registered-God willing! In stock we currently have wood pellets but will soon be taking delivery of wood chip G30-50 and of air dried logs. We can deliver from 1 15kg bag to 26 tonne in 1 tonne Big Bags or 15kg bags.

Now time for the monthly whinge. My one big bug bear is that each time new renewable technologies are released with any form of grant or payment the government sets up quangos to "oversee" the industry. This can only mean 1 thing-we have to charge more and the costs with training just skyrockets. In most of the UK we do not get training grants, in Scotland they did and consequently they now have a more robust renewables industry than we do in England.

What do you all think to Brexit? Will it be good or bad for business? Like many i still have no clue. Lastly All, please put 26/8 in your diaries as in the afternoon we are having our "Open Day" where you will have the chance to meet with old friends and hopefully some new ones just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend. Time 2pm-5pm.


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