Waxman Heating Introduces the Alora Multi-Fuel Stove By Rofer & Rodi

ELLAND, UK: Waxman Heating, specialist in the distribution of solid fuel appliances and Waxman Heating Logochimney system components, is pleased to introduce Rofer & Rodi as its newest partner and manufacturer of high quality multi-fuel stove Alora. (Find out more about Waxman training acadamy...)

Waxman Heating Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Rofer & Rodi multi-fuel stoves, for the UK and Ireland. The distributor is excited to reveal a number of high quality contemporary models, including the impressive Alora, a 5kW stove with fan assisted convection. This tailor-made stove has been developed by Waxman Heating and the manufacturer to ensure performance, functionality and efficiency are optimized while offering a contemporary product that leads the way in innovation and design.

Waxman Heating Introduces the Alora Multi-Fuel Stove By Rofer & Rodi 2The exclusive partnership with Spanish manufacturer, Rofer & Rodi, means that customers can receive unrivalled customer care and some of the most efficient, aesthetically pleasing stoves on the market. Sharing strong principles in high quality products and service, both Waxman Heating and its brand partner can offer a new generation of solid fuel heating, all at cost-effective prices.

The Alora stove offers a 5 kW heat output in its innovative design to ensure domestic users receive optimum heat for small spaces. This is aided by a turbine powered system that forces air around the chamber and out through a two-speed fan to help ensure maximum chamber heat and minimum heat loss via the chimney.

Providing fast access to the chamber via a large glass screened door, users can light and maintain a flame with ease and watch through the sizable viewing window. Offering maximum performance with the help of the Turbine Powered System, users can benefit from a clean, natural and ecological process that cares for the environment. Furthermore, its 10 year warranty ensures that users can make the Alora part of their home, benefiting from increased heat and reduced carbon emissions.
Waxman Heating Introduces the Alora Multi-Fuel Stove By Rofer & Rodi 3
Key features include:
10 year warranty
Natural Heat
Turbine Powered System
Waxman Heating is confident that the Alora will offer style and functionality to all users, with a 10 year warranty to back it up.


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