Waxman Heating gives more with FREE starter packs

ELLAND, UK: Waxman Heating, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of solid fuel stoves and chimney accessories, is to increase its value proposition this heating season by offering customers a free starter pack with every purchase of one of its eight solid fuel stoves. (Find out more about Waxman Heating products here)

The incentive is part of Waxman Heating’s dedication to customer service, ensuring allWaxman Heating gives more with FREE starter packs with every solid fuel stove order 1 end-users are able to fire up their stove with ease as soon as it is installed. The starter pack, provided with compliments of Yorkshire Firewood, includes the essentials necessary for igniting a solid fuel stove, such as:
6 x kiln dried logs
Stove installation instructions
Waxman Heating understands the importance of using quality fuel; it is not only more energy efficient but much safer for the environment and for the health of the flue and stove. Kiln dried logs have a moisture content of below 20%, with a higher calorific value, making them more efficient.

By providing new customers with the starter pack, Waxman Heating can ensure that it is putting users in good stead to form sensible wood burning habits which will be safe for the environment and the health of their stove.

Starter packs are available now with every purchase of a Waxman Heating solid fuel stove, for more information on the stoves available from Waxman Heating please visit: http://www.waxmanheating.co.uk/information/stoves/


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